AlphaMales – Theo S & Pedro Lucas

AlphaMales – Theo S & Pedro Lucas

City Slick Theo S checks into his hotel room, ready to get some rest. When he opens the door he finds something very different all together. Pedro Lucas is tied face down with his bare ass in the air. An opportunity the city worker can’t pass up. Releasing some tension is what he loves best. Loosening Pedro’s hole with his spit and fingers Theo’s cock is soon rock solid and looking for a hole to fuck! Theo takes full advantage of Pedro and fucks the living daylights out of him before he shoots his load over Pedro. Theo gets up and leaves Pedro covered in spunk and tied up, he definitely needs to visit this hotel more often.

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All Worlds Video – Paramedics

All Worlds Video – Paramedics

If I ever need rescuing, send these guys please. Paramedics, a clever production directed by Thor Stephans (“Sex Psycho”, “Sloth”image, isn’t quite what it appears to be. This is definitely not just another porn flick with models in uniforms. Much like the Wet Palms series, there’s quite a bit of dialogue framing the sex. This one is definitely for those who like a little more content with their ass banging and ball sucking. There’s also a high camp/comedy sprinkled throughout and more than one screaming drag queen popping up here and there in this film within a film.

Park Wiley (Face Ryders) and Chad Farrell (A Matter of Size 2) are on the set of the fictitious porn film Paramedics, a “Rescue 9-1-1″ parody. (Bear with me – this film within a film stuff is a little muddy) Wiley and Farrell are taking a personal moment away from the lights and cameras, sneaking away inside the rented ambulance for a little mouth-to-mouth.

Of the two, Farrell appears to be the more traditional heartbreaker – lean, bronzed, tall but with an average Joe kind of face. Wiley, not one to be outdone, comes at Farrell with twice the energy, devouring him in the tight and cramped cabin of the ambulance. Wiley luxuriates in Farrell’s crotch, slathering his cock, hip joints, and low-hangers with spit. Turns out that Chad Farrell is much more of a cock whore than Wileyor else he’s merely showing off.

Given the opportunity, Farrell squats and makes himself comfortable, using his vacuum suction on Wiley until Wiley is literally whimpering. From the outset, it’s anybody’s guess who’ll end up in the top role. My money was on Farrell, and sure enough, he bends his buddy over, fucking him doggy style. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to check out Farrell’s chest; his nipples are perfectly placed on twin slabs of muscle, the camera perched at just the right angle to glorify every square inch.

Between scenes, the models address the camera directly in several short interviews, á la MTV’s Real World. And amidst all the on-set craziness, two off-duty paramedics (Jonathan West & Stetson Gable – Desperate Husbands) show up as consultants, hired to give this porno within a porno a little bit of authenticity. Kyle Lewis, here playing a production assistant, manages to sweet talk Jonathan West into a dark corner, instantly dropping to his knees to relieve some of West’s pressure. West’s pecs are gloriously plump, and as the camera pans south to where the real action is, it’s hard to miss the sexy ghetto-style tats on his stomach.

West keeps his hands firmly locked behind his back, and reciprocation is not an option. When Stetson Gable stumbles upon the blowjob, he’s given the thumbs-up by his co-worker, and now Lewis has two pricks to service. At some point, lean stud Justin Dragon also joins the party, and Lewis, a buff honey himself, is surrounded by sculpted muscle. Dragon has one of the sexiest treasure trails in the porn business, his little bit of fur adding a nice contrast to smooth planes of the others’ chests. Unlike the others, Dragon doesn’t mind eating some ass, coating Lewis’ perfect behind with spit and kisses before he fucks. The scene finishes with a flourish, the others models using Lewis’s torso as a cum canvas.

Shenanigans are taking place all over the Paramedics set. Jason Crew (Leather Bound) makes himself ready for his photoshoot with photographer Anthony Shaw and his assistant, Justin Wells. There’s a lot of flirting going on as he slowly strips out of his EMT costume, flashbulbs popping. At just the right moment, Crew eagerly shows off his trademark parlor trick to the amazement of the two men. Crew may be the only model I know of that can fuck himself, and it certainly fires up the burners for Shaw and Wells.

All three hunker down against an all-white background, Wells and Shaw taking turns blowing Crew. This oral session goes on for some time, cranking up in intensity with each passing minute. The highlight of this vignette is most certainly the three-man daisy chain. Just check out the Shaw’s ecstatic expression with a mouth full of Crew at the same time he’s getting his pole smoked. And this is all before he gets his ass royally reamed by Crew, then Wells.

The final pairing in Paramedics finds the film’s principal backer (Dillon Press) manipulating one of the models (Cameron Fox) to his advantage. There’s a strong john/hustler dynamic here and both Press and Fox play their respective roles to the hilt. Press’s most remarkable feature has to be those tree trunks thighs. They’re in full muscular bloom as he squats over Fox’s prick and teases it with his manhole. His quads and hamstrings are literally packed, quivering as he holds this position. If you like watching an older daddy get cornholed by a younger and leaner pup, this is the sex to start with. They fuck outdoors and watching Press getting put through the paces is exquisite. Press finishes up by riding his boy for hire until both get off.

Paramedics may be a bit long, mostly due to the added comic elements. But between the gay-for-pay beauties (Stetson and West), Kyle Lewis’s oral buffet, and Press’s anal ride into the sunset, there’s plenty to put the viewer into full cardiac arrest.

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All Worlds Video – No Shirt No Shoes No Problem

All Worlds Video – No Shirt No Shoes No Problem

Ever tried going to a restaurant or a fancy shop with no shirt, no shoes on? It’s no big deal in this sexy new Dirk Yates video. In fact, you get extra quick service where the special-of-the-day is hot sex. Hot, steamy sex that only Dirk can deliver!

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Citebeur – Ali et ses potes

Citebeur – Ali et ses potes

Come Watch As Ali And His Mates Get It On In Solos Or Duets!

Thirteen Exclusive Models 100% Hot!

With One Impressive Auto-Fellatio In Between All These Hot Scenes!

This Is Some Amazing Action!

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Audio: 125kbps

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Dogfart – BlacksOnBoys – Alex Cruiz, Mr Hampton & Tyko

Dogfart – BlacksOnBoys – Alex Cruiz, Mr Hampton & Tyko

Alex Cruiz is, ahem, a sucker for erotic novels. We find Alex along with Mr. Hampton and Tyko, and they’re enjoying some erotic smut read by Alex the twink. The innocence of reading quickly transforms into some boy-on-boy-on-boy action. The novel is quickly ignored so that white boy can get a double dicking of black meat. Both black studs take turns stuffing his esophagus with their black meat sticks. Alex, the whore for black cock, gets bent over and obeys their commands to open his backdoor for anal poundings. Tyko and Mr. Hampton lay their black pipes deep in Alex’s ass, while a black cock in constantly muffling his moaning. Our live erotic novel hits its final chapter when no drop of black jizz is wasted.

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Active Duty – Grant & Ryan

Active Duty – Grant & Ryan

Oh man, we’ve brought Ryan and his dick o’ death back to Active Duty, and I’m not sure Grant was prepared for what was in store for him. And that’s just the way we like it! Ha!

Kaden’s directing this scene, and he greets the guys on the bed, who are already all smiles. Ryan says he’s been “floating around” here and there, but now he’s back. And I know I’m happy about that. And I’m also happy to see the king sized tank in his pants, too.

Grant says, “they say he’s got a bazooka,” referring to Ryan’s dick. “He does!” Kaden says, “he is packin’.” He’s got a “horse dick,” Kaden says — and Grant nervously laughs at that description. Kaden relates a funny story about when I met him, and I asked him if he was hung like a horse or a horse fly. And let me tell you what — Ryan is hung like a horse that’s been fed growth hormones.

Grant glances down at Ryan’s jeans and says that he can already see that he’s packing heat, so there “ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.” Kaden likes that go-get’em attitude, as do I, so Kaden cuts the chit-chat and lets the guys go to it.

It isn’t long before the guys are basically naked and Ryan is getting the blowjob of his life from Grant. And indeed, Ryan’s dick is enormous and it’s soon hard as granite. He’s got one of those dicks where, when it’s fully hard, his blood pressure probably drops in other parts of his body. It’s just that big.

By the time Grant has his ass up in the air, he’s begging Ryan to tease him with the head of his dick, asking for just the tip “for now.” Ryan obliges (condom-less) as Grant loses his mind and moans and groans and yelps.

Enough of the teasing though, as it’s time for Ryan to start fucking Grant properly. He slips on a condom and goes to town! Ryan may be as big as a house, but Grant’s certainly able to take it — and in stride. (Sure, Grant is face down in a pillow whimpering a lot — but he’s still demanding Grant to slap his ass, so I think maybe he likes it, a lot?)

When all is said and done and the scene is over with, Kaden asks Grant how his asshole feels. He laughs and says, “uhm, on a scale of 1 to ‘fucked the shit of me?’,” clearly indicating the latter option. “I’m completely exhausted. I need to go ice pack my ass!”

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Staxus – Alan Benfelen & Darko Simic

Staxus – Alan Benfelen & Darko Simic

Budding photographer, Darko Simic, clearly loves nothing better than to spend time with a camera in hand amidst the bustling tourist mecca that is Prague. And who can blame him? It’s a truly beautiful city, after all. But, as very quickly becomes apparent in this terrific little duo, the young dark-haired youth does have a much more private passion – namely a love of hard cock and smooth twink ass! – that he wishes to indulge upon in the company of young Alan Benfelen. And again, who the fuck can blame him? His blond-haired buddy is a nigh-on perfect specimen, when all’s said and done; and his enthusiasm at getting the fellow out of his pants should come as no surprise to anyone.
Mind, having taken a few minutes to suck eagerly on Benfelen’s hairless dick, his horny little pal is soon replicating the favour; and before you know it both lads are lying top-to-tail and blowing the life out of each other’s straining joysticks. Still, it’s always good to discover a like-minded individual – especially one who, like Benfelen, clearly can’t wait to get his hungry little ass stretched to the max. A task that Simic undertakes with undeniable glee, pounding away at his mate’s fuck-hole with the kind of gusto that’s sure to get our legion of filthy-minded fans into quite an appreciative lather!
Indeed, is there anyone alive who won’t swoon at the sight of these two slim-framed, folically-free beauties in full rut? Certainly not when the jizz begins to flow, that’s for sure; as both lads bust their hairless nuts, splattering each other’s cute faces with baby-brew in the process!

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Duration: 20:31
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3905kbps
Audio: 122kbps

File size: 605.7 MB

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Active Duty – Band of Lovers

Active Duty – Band of Lovers

Our 100th video release, Band Of Lovers, brings together some of Active Duty’s all-time hottest guys. It also brings back two of our older models, Cowboy and Marcus, who had just returned from Iraq when we made this video. Bringing together the most guys (seven guys total) we’ve ever featured in a video Band Of Lovers is a great mix of some of our hottest guys. And the way it all unfolds is really fun to watch.

Cole, Cowboy, Cameron, Swedish, Luke, Kody and Marcus Come Over to Hang Out.
All the guys show up to my house on a hot day towards the end of summer and end up hanging out all day long. And the way the day unfolds is truly hot to watch as our seven heroes start things off in the garage working out on the Smith Machine, doing push-ups, bench presses and just shootin’ the shit. It’s hot to watch as they flex their muscles and try to outdo one another on the weights. All the guys get into a hot, sweaty workout and work their muscles for each other and the camera. They all get to admire Kody’s new motorcycle too as he revs it up in the garage and shows it off.

A Cool Dip in the Pool
After their sweaty workout all seven of our sexy soldiers head out to the pool to take a dip, do a little swimming, lounge by the pool, wrestling in the water, playing ball and just having fun. This is a sight to behold as we rarely get to see our fellows do anything but have sex (not saying that’s a bad thing) so the change of pace is nice and to see them interact with one another as they bond and act naturally in a natural setting is really a treat. Once they’ve gotten all cooled off in the pool, they head over to the hot tub and get their body temps back up for what’s about to happen next.

A Circle Jerk Unfolds in the Gazebo
After getting all warmed up, the seven heroes head over to the screened-in gazebo where the stereo is blasting some Bob Marley and there’s fresh porn playing on the TV. Well, we all know what happens when you put horny soldiers, beer and porn all in the same place. Eventually someone is going to get a hard-on and before you know it they’re all gonna jack-off. Well, that’s exactly what happens in this gazebo scene as our hotties loosen up and start losing the bathing suits. Before you know it, we’ve got seven of Active Duty’s hottest guys butt-ass naked in the gazebo passing around the tube of lube.

After getting all warmed up, the seven heroes head over to the screened-in gazebo where the stereo is blasting some Bob Marley and there’s fresh porn playing on the TV. Well, we all know what happens when you put horny soldiers, beer and porn all in the same place. Eventually someone is going to get a hard-on and before you know it they’re all gonna jack-off. Well, that’s exactly what happens in this gazebo scene as our hotties loosen up and start losing the bathing suits. Before you know it, we’ve got seven of Active Duty’s hottest guys butt-ass naked in the gazebo passing around the tube of lube.

The Seven Soldiers Move to the House for Some Hot Sex
After they’ve blown their first load in the gazebo, we move things to the house where the guys pile up three to a couch (Swedish, Cole and Cameron on one couch and Cowboy, Marcus and Luke on one couch) and Kody takes the ottoman. The six soldiers on the two couches start off with a little sucking action and from there it’s on. Marcus starts sucking on Cowboy, and Swedish starts sucking on Cole. Kody moves over and latches onto Cameron’s huge tool and Cowboy gets ahold of Luke while he’s getting his cock worked by Marcus. Cole gives Swedish a little lovin’ while Luke switches up and gives Cowboy’s cock a working over while Cole gets Kody to come feed him a little cock. Then, I have Cole and Cameron stand up side by side so all the other soldiers can share their two huge cocks and a circle of sorts starts out. All the other soldiers take their turns on the two huge cocks as they try their best to swallow them whole. And from here it’s hard to keep up with all the cocksucking. The boys just move all over the room tasting each and every cock in sight. I’m just there trying to capture it all for you to enjoy.

Bareback Brotherhood
With all this cocksucking there’s bound to be some ass-fucking and who better to go to the plate first than our little hero Swedish? All the boys grab Swedish up and throw him on his back over the ottoman and hold his little legs high in the air by the ankles so he can get Cole’s naked cock deep in his ass. It isn’t long before someone decides it would be hot to see Cole getting fucked while he bangs Swedish bareback so Cowboy answers the call and gets behind Cole and begins his raw, bareback entry into Cole’s tight, hot ass.

The other soldiers get horny watching this and start feeding Cole their cocks while he takes Cowboy’s cock deep in his ass and shoves his own cock deep in Swedish. This scene goes on for awhile as we get a lot of hot shots of Cole’s cock in Swedish and Cowboy’s cock in Cole and both at the same time. Cole puts on a great performance too as he shows off his cocksucking skills for the camera while plowing and being plowed.

Next up to take some cock in his ass is Luke. Kody goes in for the tight, near-virgin ass, and gives Luke a good fucking while Luke wraps his hands and mouth around the two biggest cocks in the room and sucks on Cole and Cameron as Kody gives him a fucking. When Kody is ready to blow his load from banging Luke’s ass, little Swedish steps in and takes Kody’s load in his mouth and spits it out all over Luke’s stomach.

Then, Cowboy takes up where Kody left off and bangs Luke with his big cock for awhile until Luke says he’s ready to return the favor and Cowboy assumes the position on his hands and knees on the ottoman and all the other soldiers surround him. Luke slides his cock in Cowboy and it’s a yee-haw ride from here folks. Luke doesn’t let up on Cowboy and keeps the reins tight as he plows him long and hard.

All the other soldiers stand around jacking off over Cowboy’s back until each of them blow their long awaited wads all over his tattooed back. All the while as he’s getting fucked and has guys shooting their loads all over his back, Cowboy (in his classic ‘yeah man’ style) smokes his Marlboro cigarette as it hangs from his mouth.

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Falcon – Absolute Aqua (1999)

Falcon – Absolute Aqua (1999)

Falcon Studios presents its new double hitter direct to you from Australia! Out of the primordial ooze comes this surefire hit! Our latest two-parter offers a stellar cast of beautiful faces and physiques too hot to ignore!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:28:00
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1951kbps
Audio: 91kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

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