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FratPad – Angelo’s Initiation

FratPad – Angelo’s Initiation

There is a long standing tradition at Fratpad of the initiation ritual. After all the pad is really just like a fraternity, granted a fraternity where the guys are naked most of the time.

Angelo was a real sport as the ritual wore on…but that might be slightly disingenuous as he really seemed to be having a hell of a time. The guys were merciless and he kept on smiling all the while. It must be quite an experience, how often do you have a roomful of naked guys cavorting around and acting like sexy versions of overgrown young men?

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FratPad Casey Live Show

FratPad Casey Live Show

Our Boy “Casey” made a smashing debut at the Fratpad yesterday. After arriving from Hawaii on the red eye flight, Casey was taken aback by all the new names from the fratpad members. But I’d like to think that some of us that followed him over at FratmenTV, made him feel more comfortable and at ease. He worked 2- 2 hr. shifts. The first hour he entertained the pad members with his patented bubble bath, only to be surprised by Taylor and his cam coming into the bathroom for a minute or two. Casey’s cam wasn’t as friendly as the one he was used to in Hawaii, but like the champ he is, he worked throught it. After a one hour break, Casey came back for his second 2 hr shift, and was just amazing. Looking at the chat, I’d say Casey was an instant hit with the pad members. Casey did all 4 hours on very little sleep. Look forward to seeing him today, if he’s on the schedule. As a pledge, he’ll be there for two weeks, and then he said he’ll be returning to Hawaii. Seeing 4 hours of Casey yesterday was a real treat, especially considering we had an all day rain here in the mid-west/Great lakes area.

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