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  1. unwin says:

    please stop Pay Links of this User: www.boybb.net…

    we all don’t have so much money.


  2. discokandi7 says:

    Please stop using FM….Google Chrome blocks it in the US

  3. Michael says:

    Is there a rule against only uploading premium-linked content? The user who has uploaded this: www.boybb.net… and many other videos appears to only do so with premium links. Further some of his links advertise his premium-link only blog (some of the filenames contain a link to his blog).

    It’s pretty obvious that this is merely an exercise in cash generation for him :(

  4. Michael says:

    A belated THANK YOU for this. Many of his posts now do contain a free download link :)

  5. excorrupt says:

    Thanks for the updates. One issue I have is with the search engine. When I try to search something and go to the second page, it goes straight to the second page of the recent updates instead of what I searched. Is there a solution to this?

  6. jokuihmemies says:

    hey, id like to ask if u could upload BFH Production videos, BFHwrestling, BFHlycra, BFHvideo… ill appreciate

  7. monkey6 says:

    Hi, 2nd page onward of search is never a search, it’s still the updates! :( Other than that, awesome site!

    • boybb says:


      After you search for something, that keyword will appear on the Recent Search widget on the left sidebar, click on that, you’ll be able to access all pages of your search term.

      That is the temporary solution, I’ll figure something else later. I’m so sorry for this inconvenience.

  8. rudolfren says:

    Can you considere to upload at fileom.com…
    Our ISP have speed blocked for rapidgator.com…

  9. Joku says:

    can u pls reupload Dylan, Pierre, John Tremont, Oleg Palnik
    they are from EastBoys
    thx :)

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