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18 years old Dom is such a cutie and actually he was quite shy at start, but easy to see that he soon loosened up. Here he commands the cameraman to suck his fat cock, then he get some help shaving his ass. When it is finally shaved smooth, the Cameraman sticks his eager tongue into the pulsating hole. This makes Dom even more horny and he begin to moan and finger himself. He moaned out in true pleasure while he got penetrated and his cock leaked precum. He like to take it hard and he got it in several position harder and harder while getting his ass slapped. Dom finally shoot his load while being fucked and then he dumped a big load of white gooey from his sloppy hole. His ass then got covered with cum from the cameraman, and Dom happily smeared it out on the ass like whipped cream.

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Mormon Boyz – Third Discussion (Elder Berry, Elder Stewart & Angel)

Mormon Boyz – Third Discussion (Elder Berry, Elder Stewart & Angel)

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart are taking turns sucking their houseguest’s cock when he decides it’s time to learn how it feels to fuck tight Mormon boy ass. Despite their young age and lack of experience, the two boys are enthusiastic cocksuckers, and the sight of the two of them competing for his cock makes Angel extra horny. He tells the two young men to pull themselves away from his dick and make out with each other. And the elders are happy to take orders. Holding their dicks, they lean in and start to kiss each other politely. “Give me more passion,” says Angel, and Elder Stewart kisses his companion harder and strokes his dick. “Suck on his nipples,” Angel says as he slowly jerks his big dick. Elder Stewart puts his lips on Elder Berry’s small pink nipples and sucks them. “Grab his ass,” Angel says, and both missionaries grope each other’s firm white ass. Elder Berry’s face is flushed. He closes his eyes and buries his face in his companion’s neck. Angel leans in and guides their hands, still jerking his dick. Elder Stewart slides his dick between his companion’s legs and starts to thrust a little. Angel loves it. He tells the little one to sit next to him, then tells Elder Berry to lick his asshole. Elder Stewart lifts his legs. Elder Berry drops down and puts his mouth on his companion’s smooth hole.

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UK Hot Jocks – Wet Hot Rubber – Angel Cruz & JP Dubois

UK Hot Jocks – Wet Hot Rubber – Angel Cruz & JP Dubois

JP sits and waits in black boots, black & yellow striped rubber chaps & jock and matching rubber harness wrapped around his bulging chest. A pint of yellow liquid sits near, JP picks up the glass and gulps down the lot in one go, only spilling a little to glaze his pec’s. Angel joins the scene in a black rubber harness, shorts, socks and boxing boots. They kiss and caress the slick gear, groping all the sexy bits! JP unzips Angel’s shorts and takes his cock out to suck it, getting himself hard in seconds and pulling his big dick through the side of his rubber jock and showing off a yellow ball stretcher. Lying back JP gets ready to receive some juice straight from the tap. Angel soaks him spurring him on to piss as well, two warm yellow streams crossing each other and covering JPs muscular body. Lying back, head over the edge of the tyres JP asks Angel to fuck his face, which he does with gusto! JP pisses over himself again as his throat takes some horny punishment.
Bending over displaying this perfect bubble butt through his chaps, he’s ready to be fucked, not before Angel gives his ass a good soaking first! Fucking him hard he groans and moans, angel gets right over the top of him, gripping his harness and thrusting deep. Flip-flop time, JP stands over Angel and soaks his front before he flips over displaying his perfect arse, which gets soaked too of course! Pulling him to the edge it’s time to take some cock, angel loves big dick and JP doesn’t disappoint. For the incredibly horny, cummy, pissy ending you’ll just have to watch the scene both boys are left dripping!

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Staxus – Gabriel Angel, Louis Blakeson

Staxus – Gabriel Angel, Louis Blakeson

Having returned from doing goodness-knows-what, goodness-knows-where, the aptly-named Gabriel Angel and his equally horny buddy, Louis Blakeson, decide to flop down onto a sofa and get better acquainted with each other’s bodies – a task that both lads quickly uptake with characteristic gusto. As a result, it seems barely a matter of seconds before the boys are stripping out of their clothes and taking it in turns to suck on all the achingly hot cock that’s soon on display; Blakeson, in particular, proving decidedly keen to practise his oral skills on the French guy’s handsome and ever-ready ramrod!
Then again, with a knob like that to entertain you, who the fuck can blame him? What Blakeson wants more than anything, however, is the feel of that raw monster as it pounds away quite unmercifully up his hungry little ass; and the enthusiastic rimming that Angel subsequently provides him with proves a more-than-adequate entree to the main course of sodomised debauchery that’s about to follow.
Suffice it to say that the puppy-like Brit is like a being who’s been whisked off to paradise once Angel’s dick is where it should be – namely pummelling energetically into his guts with unapologetic fury! Then again, who wouldn’t enjoy getting that kind of no-holds-barred attention from a cutie of Angel’s standing? And who wouldn’t take full opportunity to ride the said shaft cowboy-style, as Blakeson does here? All told, a fabulous, ball-bustin’ encounter that (not surprisingly) results in a veritable flood of sticky, pent-up boy-batter. Folks, you have been duly warned!

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MormonBoyz – Wayfaring Man – Elder Berry, Elder Stewart & Angel

MormonBoyz – Wayfaring Man – Elder Berry, Elder Stewart & Angel

These two missionaries have been having so much sex with one another that their work has really begun to suffer. Every morning they get each other off, and so leave the apartment late, and they come home for a long, sexy lunch break, and their up late boning every night. They’re less worried about the discussions they’re not teaching and their failure to hit the mission goal of 3 baptisms per month, and more worried that if the mission president sees that they’ve been slacking off he’ll transfer one of them.

Out tracking one day, the two cute young elders come across a handsome guy sitting beside a tree. Missionaries are trained to talk to everyone, because you never know who might be ready to receive the gospel. They approach and say hello, and he tells them he has nowhere to go. Sensing an opportunity to teach a few discussions, and maybe even score a baptism, the two elders invite him to come home with them.

Their new friend doesn’t know anything about Mormons. He’s surprised that they share bunk beds in a little room. Even weirder, when they change out of their suits, he notices that they’re wearing really strange underwear. Do all Mormons wear underwear like this, he wonders? And when he strips naked for bed and takes the top bunk, the two young elders keep their funny underwear on and share the bottom bunk.

The investigator has a hard time sleeping that night. He can’t get his mind off the two boys sleeping under him. They’re so young and so innocent, and he could tell even through their underwear that they have tight young bodies.
What he does’t know is that they are up late, too, thinking about him. He’s so much more of a man than they are, with his muscles, and his tattoos, and the meaty cock they just caught a glimpse of as he crawled into bed. They are too afraid to have sex with him in the top bunk, but when they wake up in the morning, they both have morning wood popping out of their garments. They’re so horny they decide to risk it. They kiss and quietly fondle each others’ dicks, keeping an ear open for the sound of the guest waking up.

But they haven’t been as quiet as they think! Their new friend hears them kissing and rustling around. He peeks over the edge of the bunk and sees their two dicks sticking out of their underwear. He shifts in the bed so that he can grab his own dick, which is getting harder and harder. Are the missionaries allowed to have sex? Should he join them on the bottom bunk? Or should he wait for an invitation?

But the invitation never comes. He secretly watches them play with each other, and when he can’t resist any longer, he decides to stick his huge boner through the slats of the bunk bed and see what the missionaries do.

The elders are shocked when the see his hard, thick cock and giant balls appear above their heads, but they are total game. They take turns sucking his dick and sucking each other. They can tell from the moans coming from above that their guest is enjoying himself. Elder Stewart takes their investigator’s balls in his mouth, while his companion Elder Berry takes the cock deep into his throat and sucks the head of his uncircumcised cock. He wraps a hand around the dick and gives it a hand job while he licks and sucks. The feeling of the two boys working him over, unseen, is too much for the new houseguest. He clenches his round butt and with a groan fills up the elder’s mouth with semen.

If this is what their friend is like on a first visit, the elders can’t wait for the Second Discussion!

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Top Latin Daddies – My Angel Love

Top Latin Daddies – My Angel Love

We had several really cute twinks in the past, but it looks like this time we reached a top! Angel is a truly heaven – sent, barely legal young man who drove us all crazy the moment he put a step in the studio. Even good ‘ol Dean wanted to fuck the hell out of him, but today its Anibal’s chance to taste his angelical ass!

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MormonBoyz – The Landlord – Elder Stewart, Angel and B rother Clark

MormonBoyz – The Landlord – Elder Stewart, Angel and B rother Clark

The ward mission leader catches Elder Stewart having sex with his investigator Angel.

Baby-faced Elder Stewart and his hot, hung investigator Angel go on splits one day, but instead of proselyting, they decide to head back to the apartment for a quick fuck. What they don’t know is that their landlord B rother Clark, who also happens to be the ward mission leader, is in the missionary apartment, waiting to talk to the boys about their investigators.

As B rother Clark waits for the missionaries to come home, he browses the scriptures. But his mind wanders. He can’t stop fantasizing about Elder Stewart. He wonders what it would feel like to suck the boy’s dick or to slide his own dick up the boy’s tight butthole. His hand settles on his hard dick, and he squeezes it through his pants. Young B rother Clark was a missionary himself just a few years ago, and he used to daydream about fucking the other missionaries, though he never got the chance. So when his bishop called him as ward mission leader, he jumped at the opportunity to be close to the sexy young Mormon men serving in his ward.

He hears voices on the stairs and he’s embarrassed to be sitting in their apartment with an obvious erection, so he partly closes the door and decides to wait out his boner before making his presence known. But instead of two missionaries, he sees Elder Stewart has brought home a hunky guy covered in tattoos who definitely doesn’t look like a missionary. Read more . . .

B rother Clark spies on them as they move to the couch and Angel pushes the boy down, kisses him and starts to undress him.
B rother Clark can’t believe his luck. It’s as though his fantasies are finally coming true right before his eyes. He gropes his dick, which is throbbing and now, and pictures sliding it into the boy’s willing mouth. He can barely contain his excitement as Angel takes off the boy’s shirt, and then pulls of his pants. Elder Stewart is wearing a onesie, which makes him look even younger than he is. Watching him blush as the confident older man has his way with him is so hot that B rother Clark slips his hand into his pants and grabs his balls. He wants to spray his cum on the boy’s face. As Angel pulls off Elder Stewart’s garments, B rother Clark can see the boy’s flushed neck, his rock hard nipples, and his flat belly. Angel massages the boy’s big cock through the garments and then slides them right off. The boy’s cock flops out and B rother Clark gasps.

Angel chews on the boy’s nipples while he strokes his dick, and B rother Clark pulls out his phone. He has to have video of this to jerk off to later, again and again. He starts recording the two, trying to hold the camera steady but shaking a little with excitement. Elder Stewart fondles Angel’s huge dick. He’s glad to have the man to himself this time, and not to have to share the attention with his companion. Angel slips out of his briefs and Elder Stewart hungrily kisses him. He puts Angel’s cock in his mouth, but in a second Angel repositions the missionary on the floor, climbs on top, and face fucks him. B rother Clark has a perfect view of Angel’s dick, the biggest dick he has ever seen. Elder Stewart sucks on Angel’s nuts while Angel strokes his dick, getting it good and hard so he can fuck the boy senseless.

B rother Clark’s balls are aching to see the boy get fucked. He’s totally breathless as Angel lifts Elder Stewart’s leg in the air and without warming him up at all slides his huge dong right up the boy’s ass. Elder Stewart grimaces from the pain, but he’s so horny that his ass swallows the huge dick right up. Angel rocks back and forth, his big round butt pounding away at Elder Stewart’s hungry hole. Elder Stewart strokes his cock and closes his eyes. He feels as though the dick is going all the way up into his belly. B rother Clark can’t resist any longer, and he slides his hard dick and his nuts out of his pants. He strokes as he watches, ready to bust a nut whenever they do.

Angel loves looking at Elder Stewart’s face, but when he wants to cum he flips the boy over and fucks him from behind. He can tell from the boy’s moans that his dick is in really deep, hitting the boy in just the right spot. He pounds the kid brutally. B rother Clark can see Angel’s dick working at the boy’s ass, and the boy stroking his big pink dick. It takes all of his will power not to spray his load. He wants to cum at the same time as Angel.

Angel loves the way his dick feels with the boy’s ass wrapped tight around it. As he feels the pressure building in his balls, he fucks the boy faster and harder. The boy is gasping, his face pressed into the couch, but Angel ignores it. His nuts slap the boy’s ass, and the head of his dick is throbbing deep in the boy’s pink ass. He pulls out quickly and looks down at the boy’s gaping, wet hole. He shudders as he shoots a huge white load of cum into the boy’s asshole, then slides his cock back in and fucks the cum in deep as a trail of semen slides down the boy’s nuts. He fucks the kid so hard Elder Stewart thinks he might break in half. And then he freezes with his dick all the way in and kisses the boy on the ear.

Of course, B rother Clark has made a huge mess in the other room by now!

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Randy Blue – Latin Jock, Angel Santiago gets his ass fucked by Gym Hunk Austin Wolf

Randy Blue – Latin Jock, Angel Santiago gets his ass fucked by Gym Hunk Austin Wolf

I think Angel Santiago is named Angel, because that is what everyone hears when this hot piece of ass shows up. The heavens have opened up and dropped this latin hunk into our laps and I give thanks to porn gods every day for him. I am super excited, because this is the first time Angel gets to be a total pig bottom. No flip fucking, no topping. He is just going to let his hot bubble butt get plowed. And of course we need to bring the king of kings to give it to him nice and hard. Austin Wolf took one look at his ass, and just asked if he was allowed to rim it right now. I told him that he could do whatever he wanted to Angel. Angel looked a little nervous, when Austin walked in. Angel is 6 foot 1 and is used to being the tall dude in the scene. When Austin and his 6 foot 4 frame entered the room, it finally dawned on him that he was going to be manhandled good and hard. I decided to let them go at it, and of course, Austin started right off with his ass. He got on his knees and began to rim that tight hole. He came up to Angel and grabbed him by the neck and asked him if he wanted it. Angel said yes. He then proceeded to pound that hot latin butt every which way until finally Angel lay on his back and Austin fucked the cum out of him. At the end of the shoot, Angel exclaimed, Damn, you fucked me like a female. But he was wrong. You have to be a man to take a dick like that.
Angel Santiago was nervous after looking at some pictures of Austin Wolf. He is not used to the other guy in the scene being bigger. But I assured him that Austin will take good care of him. Austin walked into the room and took one look at Angel and gave me a big smile. He approved. He pushed Angel up against the mirror and began to passionately make out with him. Then he flipped around and started right away by eating out his ass. Austin did not want to beat around the bush. He stood up and pulled out his hard cock. He was ready to fuck. And he slid that thick meat deep inside Angel. Angel moaned out as Austin pumped him full of dick. They moved to the couch and exchanged blow job techniques. Angel practiced taking Austin down all the way while he tweaked on his nipples. Then Austin fucked Angel cowboy and then ended things with some hot missionary. After they both came, they laid down and kissed gently as they let the afterglow of their hot gay fucking come to an end. This is one for the books, my fellow Randy Blue fans. You will be coming back to this video again and again.

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