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Czech Hunter 185

Czech Hunter 185

To celebrate the upcoming spring I have even a second catch for you today. Wenceslas square in Prague. At the beginning things went slow. For 20 minutes there was no one suitable passing by. Started to worry a bit. Within a while I was speaking to a young fella from Prague. But he was too shy to have any kind of fun. Second cutie, was from Opava, a city far, far away from Prague. I knew he will be easier. So after a usual chat, I did some research about how shy and experienced he is. He was not really shy and he was most importantly – money hungry. As soon as I got his price, I got this amazing idea to use just a cellar of one of the houses around, just to be a little bit adventurous. It was a perfect idea as you all are about to see.

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Czech Hunter 187

Czech Hunter 187

It was one of first nice spring days so with great mood I went out for a hunt. And I’ve been very lucky cause I’ve met just the perfect match for my today’s needs. Cutie from south of Czech Republic. He was amazingly sweet, tall and young. Already after his studies and without a job. It seemed as most easiest convincing ever. But there was a catch cause his family was rather well-off and he had a source of money even without a job. But as every spoilt c hild, he was no difference. I knew that he won’t say no to get something so “easy” and fast. It was just a matter of sorting out the right amount and we ended up in a hotel room. Soon after he was jerking me off and it didn’t take me long to get him on his knees with my dick in his mouth.

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Czech Hunter 180

Czech Hunter 180

This winter is taking already too long. It’’s getting more and more difficult to run around with a cam – even the boys seem to stay at home. Today, I waited at the tram stop for someone to come around. Someone up there has to love me, cause the one I’’ve met after waiting quite a long time was absolutely amazing. He was exactly what I was missing for quite some time. He was not shy, at all. For just a few thousands he ran bare ass just in the middle of one of the most busy streets in Prague. It was just a matter of time to persuade him to do something more. And he was home alone and lived just there. Once we agreed on the sum, we moved to his place. Finally I was in some place warm and safe. My brain started to function again as well as my dick……

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