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MEN – The Gay Office – Newbies – Ryan C & Spencer Fox

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Southern Strokes – Ryan C & Brandon Lewis

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Active Duty – Grant & Ryan

Active Duty – Grant & Ryan

Oh man, we’ve brought Ryan and his dick o’ death back to Active Duty, and I’m not sure Grant was prepared for what was in store for him. And that’s just the way we like it! Ha!

Kaden’s directing this scene, and he greets the guys on the bed, who are already all smiles. Ryan says he’s been “floating around” here and there, but now he’s back. And I know I’m happy about that. And I’m also happy to see the king sized tank in his pants, too.

Grant says, “they say he’s got a bazooka,” referring to Ryan’s dick. “He does!” Kaden says, “he is packin’.” He’s got a “horse dick,” Kaden says — and Grant nervously laughs at that description. Kaden relates a funny story about when I met him, and I asked him if he was hung like a horse or a horse fly. And let me tell you what — Ryan is hung like a horse that’s been fed growth hormones.

Grant glances down at Ryan’s jeans and says that he can already see that he’s packing heat, so there “ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it.” Kaden likes that go-get’em attitude, as do I, so Kaden cuts the chit-chat and lets the guys go to it.

It isn’t long before the guys are basically naked and Ryan is getting the blowjob of his life from Grant. And indeed, Ryan’s dick is enormous and it’s soon hard as granite. He’s got one of those dicks where, when it’s fully hard, his blood pressure probably drops in other parts of his body. It’s just that big.

By the time Grant has his ass up in the air, he’s begging Ryan to tease him with the head of his dick, asking for just the tip “for now.” Ryan obliges (condom-less) as Grant loses his mind and moans and groans and yelps.

Enough of the teasing though, as it’s time for Ryan to start fucking Grant properly. He slips on a condom and goes to town! Ryan may be as big as a house, but Grant’s certainly able to take it — and in stride. (Sure, Grant is face down in a pillow whimpering a lot — but he’s still demanding Grant to slap his ass, so I think maybe he likes it, a lot?)

When all is said and done and the scene is over with, Kaden asks Grant how his asshole feels. He laughs and says, “uhm, on a scale of 1 to ‘fucked the shit of me?’,” clearly indicating the latter option. “I’m completely exhausted. I need to go ice pack my ass!”

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Chaosmen 1461 Bryan & Cooper Reed Raw

Chaosmen 1461 Bryan & Cooper Reed Raw

I am going to have to stage more “no shows” if it means working with Cooper Reed!
I have mentioned in the past that Cooper and I have some chemistry off set. Not sure why he is into me. He has his longtime girlfriend, is super stable financially, and could have his pick of any number of guys in his age bracket if he was feeling in the mood for meat, but I think when he is genuinely interested in guys, they tend to be more mature, stable, dare I say, daddy type!? A former Marine, maybe he has a thing for the drill sergeant type, but I am hardly shouting out directions. Mostly I think he likes guys who have their shit together.
I like him a lot too. He is very relaxed, professional, and is well-past being interested in partying and doing the dumb things that we all do when we are younger.
Like Bay, we have always talked about doing something together, on or off film, but I figured we could save it for a Rainy Day when a shoot falls apart. Well, it did this day.
We stood together at the airport waiting for the other model, watching all the people on the model’s flight pick up their bags. A sense of dread washed over me when I realized the guy was not going to show up. Was this the wrong flight we were waiting by? Why isn’t he texting or emailing? Is he still in the air? Did he miss his layover?
Nothing. In fact, as of this writing, still not sure where the guy is! Ahhh, the life of running an adult site!
I jokingly told Cooper I would call Ransom and have him start preparing himself for a fuck scene. Cooper reminded me that he would be more than willing to do a scene with me. I wasn’t really ready to go right then and there, but with Cooper being into me, it should go smooth.
Ransom was there to help film a bit, and my main goal was to shoot this video like the one I did with Ransom. More slow, romantic, and intense. So there is no wild crazy jack hammer porn fucking. In fact, you might find the style of fucking boring.
But I had a mission. Sure we have seen Cooper Reed get fucked, but I don’t know how often he stays hard from it. He can make himself cum while being fucked, but overall, I would put him in the Top category. So my goal was to get him to actually enjoy getting fucked. I am not diving in deep, but trying to work his prostate, keeping his cock on the edge of cumming.
You will see Cooper knock my hand away from his cock a couple times when he is on his back getting fucked. A very good sign that I was going to make him nut.
It made me happy because, and I might be wrong, I don’t know if anyone has ever made Cooper cum. Sure, he jerks his own cock for a cumshot, but from what Cooper remembers, he doesn’t think anyone has ever made him cum, from being fucked, let alone a simple blow job. So I was super happy to see he was close and making him nut for the first time by someone else’s hand was now my official mission!
And the mission is nicely accomplished too!
Ok, so it is no fun editing oneself if these types of videos, so I doubt I will get much sympathy. But I have to say, this video simmers with heat and passion, while trying to pleasure someone to the point their cock explodes!

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Bare Twinks – Preston Andrews & Ryan Morrison

Bare Twinks – Preston Andrews & Ryan Morrison

New Ryan Morrison faces a big challenge: the giant cock of Preston Andrews! The small, platinum-haired twink makes quick work of it, though. After Preston sucks his dick, Ryan does his best to deep throat the other boy’s huge cock. The Georgia-native may be new to porn, but considering the way Preston fucks his ass raw, he’s no stranger to cock!

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College Dudes – Bryan Cavallo & Bobby Clark

College Dudes – Bryan Cavallo & Bobby Clark

Bryan Cavallo starts off this scene with a little somethin’ extra…a song about College Dudes! We get to hear his sexy singing voice and watch him strum those guitar strings to get his mouth and fingers all warmed up for Bobby! These two get naked in no time and they’re on each other, kissing and rubbing dicks, feeling their way around each other’s delicious body until Bryan finds his way down to Bobby’s waiting cock.

He sucks on that juicy piece of meat until Bobby tells him to lie down and gives him head, deepthroating Bryan’s massive uncut prick and spitting all over him as he works that cock with his mouth. Bobby could hardly fit Bryan’s cock in his mouth, and his tight ass is no exception! It takes him some time until he’s able to get his ass stretched around that thick meat and even longer until he’s able to slide it all the way inside of him.

He bounces on that dick and then they move into doggy style, where Bobby gets his sore ass pounded even harder and faster, taking that huge cock without complaint as he moans and bottoms for Bryan. One more position change and these boys finish with some epic cumshots!

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Falcon – Plays Together, Scene 1 (Lance Luciano & Ryan Rose)

Falcon – Plays Together, Scene 1 (Lance Luciano & Ryan Rose)

In the first scene of Falcon Studios’ latest, Plays Together, chiseled golden boy Ryan Rose has a flip-flop scene on a bed of lily-white sheets with Lance Luciano, and it’s pretty hot.

Things start with Ryan servicing Lance’s morning wood, and they move quickly into Lance fucking Ryan, Ryan fucking Lance, and they get kind of sweaty but you know it’s kind of believable in a way that they’re boyfriends in this scene, because it’s not like they’re having sex for the first time. These seem like two people who are still kind of hot for each other but they’re about a minute away from inviting in thirds and probably six months away from making things “open.” But that’s the point of the movie! They couple that Plays Together stays together, right? Not always, actually. But I digress.

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Falcon Studios – Best Buddies (Brandon Jones & Ryan Rose)

Falcon Studios – Best Buddies (Brandon Jones & Ryan Rose)

Christening his new place is the perfect excuse for Ryan Rose to invite Brandon Jones over for a hot afternoon tryst. Once in the bedroom they can’t wait to start peeling off the clothes. Brandon is smooth and pale, with a body that promises lots of flexibility for fucking. They grind their faces and crotches together. Brandon is temporarily airborne when Ryan flings him onto the bed, then collapses on top of him, all hands. Their hard ons stretch their white briefs to the point of transparency. Brandon gives great head, flicking his tongue against Ryan’s balls with every gulp. Ryan’s fingers are busy between Brandon’s butt cheeks. They curl into a 69 position, from which they can take their choice of sucking cock or eating ass. Brandon’s hole is destined for penetration, and he takes it on his back, his torso crunched to accent his abs. Ryan is sweating profusely. His hard, smooth flesh gleams. They’re entwined like wrestlers, Ryan working his cock and Brandon working his ass from every angle. Brandon’s load explodes in white spatters across Ryan’s chest then Ryan explodes in a forked stream of jism that arcs past his head.

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Bare Twinks – Bentley Gets A Fresh Bare Hole (Bentley Ryan & Leo Long)

Bare Twinks – Bentley Gets A Fresh Bare Hole (Bentley Ryan & Leo Long)

Bentley is the perfect boy to show new cummer Leo how to share a bareback fuck on video. The boys kick things off in the usual manner, with some totally greedy mutual cock sucking that almost has them spilling their seed already. But once that hot new ass is rimmed out it’s time for Bentley to sink his length in and give Leo a little help to spew that jizz – which he laps up as Bentley cums all over his fucked hole!

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College Dudes – Bryan Cavallo & Tyson Pierce

College Dudes – Bryan Cavallo & Tyson Pierce

Tyson loves tall guys, so he’s in heaven when he sees that we’ve paired him with the tall and handsome Bryan Cavallo! In fact, he’s not nervous today at all, he’s so eager to jump on Bryan that once we set them loose they’re naked and kissing in a matter of seconds! Bryan lifts Tyson right up onto the bed and sucks on his cock, rubbing that meat with his mouth until it’s standing at attention!

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