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MEN – The Gay Office – Newbies – Ryan C & Spencer Fox

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Southern Strokes – Ryan C & Brandon Lewis

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Falcon Studios – Double Kross, Scene #02 – Ryan Rose & Sebastian Kross

Falcon Studios – Double Kross, Scene #02 – Ryan Rose & Sebastian Kross

When Sebastian Kross undulates his smooth gymnast’s body, he’s a mass of muscle almost too hard to hold. Stud Ryan Rose swiftly grabs the erect cock protruding from Sebastian’s jock strap, and Sebastian gets caught up delivering a wet kiss.

Cock to cock, they joust and make out. Sebastian licks the salt off Ryan’s skin and aims his erection at Ryan. Ryan needs no further invitation to swoop down and inhale that cock, squeezing Sebastian’s balls while getting plenty of vocal encouragement.

Sebastian can get down orally too, and he puts his sexy lips and wet mouth to work returning the blow job. Moving from the cock to the ass, Sebastian treats Ryan’s hole to a thorough, royal rimming treatment, followed by plowing his cock into Ryan’s tasty crevice.

The strap of Ryan’s jock doubles as reins, as Sebastian rides him. Shedding the jock strap, Ryan gets in a shoulder stand for the final stretch of the fuck, opening his mouth to Sebastian just as he opened his hole, and getting a hot cum cocktail as his own nut juices stream across his torso

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Jalif Studio – Glacias Ice & Ryan Sneaux

Jalif Studio – Glacias Ice & Ryan Sneaux

The Marbella boys are back and this time they ain’t singin’! This time is Glacias Ice and Ryan Sneaux whose only concern is fucking and bustin’ a huge load! And when I say huge…I mean huge! These guys get in where they fit in and it doesn’t matter whose around. They see what they want and they go in for the taking!

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Guy Bone- Ryan Tops Zeke Raw (Ryan Fargo & Zeke Johnson)

Guy Bone- Ryan Tops Zeke Raw (Ryan Fargo & Zeke Johnson)

Try not having a huge grin spread across your face in addition to the big boner in your pants while watching this scene. It’s impossible. Ryan and Zeke are so fucking irresistible. These two were destined to film together. Two site favorites, hairy as can be, sexy beasts who have an insatiable love for fucking. And kudos to Zeke for getting Ryan to film his very first bareback scene! We’ve been waiting a long time to see Fargo rip off the rubber and screw raw! It was so hot for both of them, they ended up with 5 extra minutes of footage! That’s more fuck for your buck!

The bearded boys cuddled on a love seat, sexy bare feet showing, their soft lips locked in a passionate kiss. Shirts came off, furry chests were revealed. Hands slipped inside pants and dicks got hard. Rock hard. Quickly. Fargo’s boner was first to be released and it stood taller and prouder than ever before, his piercing glimmering in the light. Zeke took a taste of his cock, then kissed him, then helped him out of his jeans so he could better suck him.

Ryan’s low hanging balls dangled down by the love seat cushion while his dick rose toward the ceiling. Zeke gulped it down his throat best he could, but the look on his face proved this dick might be too big for him. Fargo watched intently, no doubt getting more turned on by the suck show before him.

Ryan moaned and rubbed Zeke’s back. He was totally loving the slobber job from his cub costar. His nuts tightened then relaxed, pulling up then falling down, every time Zeke hit a sensitive spot. Ryan’s furry armpits got my dick stiff as steel as I watched him getting sucked by Zeke. His pubes, his chest hair, his leg fuzz. All of it, so masculine. And Zeke’s ass, presented to the camera as he gave head, was as hairy as can be. For someone who used to not be into any body hair, I’ve made up for the error in my ways with these two mini Sasquatch.

Before I knew it, Zeke was standing and Ryan was blowing him. Zeke ran his fingers through Fargo’s dark tangle of chest hair and played with the back of his head. Ryan’s wet mouth got Zeke’s pierced cock nice and firm as it worked the entire thick shaft. His own hardon still raged below, stabbing the sky from his seated position.

Zeke leaned over the love seat and pushed his juicy butt into Ryan’s hungry face. Ryan buried his tongue in that sweet, hairy ass and both guys were fucking loving the rim session. Fargo flicked his slippery tongue around that entrance and then rubbed his beard across it, driving Zeke wild. He got it super wet and loose, ready for his cock to fuck it raw.

Zeke laid on his back, legs spread for Fargo to enter him fully. Fargo did just that. And without warning, he began thrusting rapidly. Zeke complained none and instead, beat his meat furiously and encouraged Fargo to thrust faster. It seemed like they’d been waiting just as long to film this scene, to feel each others flesh, to come together as one hairy being. Zeke’s dick was so fucking hard I thought it might burst. Ryan fucked him fast, then slow, then fast again. They were so in sync with each other.

With SPUNK Lube situated perfectly atop the love seat, center screen, it was clear they loved having it be the only thing covering Fargo’s cock. His bare dick sliding in and out of Zeke’s fuzzy asshole was driving them both wild. With all the touching, fondling, and petting they were doing, they were driving me wild as well.

Zeke knelt in doggie and let Fargo pile drive him from behind. Seeing the nice veins on his shaft disappear then reappear as he fucked him was so insanely hot. Zeke pulled his beefy butt cheeks apart so I could get a great view of the penetration. Sexy, hairy motherfuckers. They were standing now and with each hump from Fargo, Zeke’s excellent booty rippled with delight. Ryan was giving it all he had, that little stallion. Zeke loved every inch of his manhood and opened his perfect hole to accommodate that wonderful rod.

He got on his back for the final position and let Fargo fuck him as hard as he wanted. Zeke jerked his own cock until he came, shooting a hot load onto his own furry tummy. Both boys moaned and rallied him to the finish line. He milked the last drops of cum from his piss slit and let his dick flop down while Fargo raced to join him in orgasm. He fucked him for a few more seconds then pulled out and unloaded his balls on top of Zeke’s spilt seed. Hot, white cum coated Zeke’s happy trail and as Fargo stroked his still stiff dick, both guys sighed in satisfaction. This was a momentous occasion, getting our two hairiest models together and getting Ryan to bareback for the first time. Sweet, sexy success. .

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Chaosmen 1633 Bryan & Lucian Serviced

Chaosmen 1633 Bryan & Lucian Serviced

Lucian was very turned on by the massage. I started slowly by oiling him up, but his cock was hard and throbbing with just few quick massages of his ass.
I get him doggy-style so I can rim his hole. I play with his cock too, and I could tell he might accidently bust. He is really trying not to cum.
So I flip him on over to take him down a couple levels. But before long I am stroking his hard cock and I guess he was trying to not nut.
He really isn’t making a lot of noise, so I am not sensing how close he is. I maybe blow him a minute and suddenly he is telling me he is going to cum. I jump back, hoping he will not nut, but the load just wanted to come out.
He is such a quick shooter!
There is actually on outtake at the very end. I tried to get him to nut a second time, but it wasn’t going to happen. But it is hot seeing him tense up and getting close a second time.

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Duration: 11:14
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Chaosmen 0426 – Bryan & Teague Edge

Chaosmen 0426 – Bryan & Teague Edge

If you tuned in last week for Teague’s solo, you saw how much energy and sheer it takes for him to nut.
He seems to like a little pain with his pleasure, practically pounding his balls, and literally beating his cock into submission.
So in the short time we had spent, I knew that he was up for a little cock torture.
As Teague admitted during his solo, he is a dirty boy, and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of limits, which is unusual for an Edge video candidate. So we got a little extra nutty, and I had lot of fun, ‘cuz I felt like he was way into everything we tried. For being 18, he has lots of experience, and I think he enjoyed finally getting in return what he is used to giving. Likewise for me.
So this Edge video should make those fans who cry out for more fantasy sequences happy. It’s mostly fantasy stuff, The blow job truly becomes secondary this time out.
This is a great one guys. I didn’t think I could think of any other nutty stuff to do, but I guess I just need a naughty Greek boy!

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Chaosmen 0416 Bryan & Chance Serviced

Chaosmen 0416 Bryan & Chance Serviced

This one has a crazy funny ending!
I know you guys like to skip to the end, but you gotta spend a little time watching extra nervous Chance slowly melt into the blow job. It took a few times of me whispering “relax” and “breathe” but he finally got into it.
I was really surprised that Chance was so stiff and nervous. He’s got several gay friends, and didn’t seem worried, but boy when he sat down he was all but frozen in his seat.
What didn’t surprise me was what a crazy shooter he is. If you remember from his solo, ropes of cum goes shooting out of this guy.
During the cumshot I try to balance it out so that fans of cum eating know that a couple squirts go down the back of the throat, but then pull away in time so you can see him nut. It’s surprisingly challenging to make sure it all plays out well.
This time I was bound and determined to take a full on facial. I actually have a video that I haven’t aired (perhaps a bonus on a DVD) that has the same thing, but I jerk back so hard with surprise, that it is hysterical. My friends previewed and rolled around on the floor laughing so hard that I thought, “Ok, not the effect I want.”
I realized that I had better switch from oral to fast jerking, and lined myself up for the firing squad.
This time out, Chance is the one stifling the laughs, as he just cum and cums and cums like a sprinkler head, coating my hair, eyelashes and dumping a huge pile on the comforter. It’s craaaaaaaazy!
And this time, I didn’t flinch!

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Duration: 14:58
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5876kbps
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Chaosmen 0408 Bryan & Elijah Serviced

Chaosmen 0408 Bryan & Elijah Serviced

Bryan couldn’t let a big-cocked dude like Elijah get out with out showcasing his big banana!
He’s very relaxed, and just bascially sits back for the Servicing. The rimming rocks on this one, with some really good close-ups of his hole.

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:49
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5883kbps
Audio: 249kbps

File size: 576.1 MB

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Chaosmen 0403 Bryan & Dax Serviced

Chaosmen 0403 Bryan & Dax Serviced

Dax surprised me by saying he was down for a Serviced video.
This is one of those vids where the guy really watches the video, which is kind of ironic, ‘cuz Dax wears glasses/contacts, but was wearing neither (you can see them tucked back behind a pillow in some shots). So he really only could see a blur.
He finally relaxed and got in his own head space, but he never really writhes around in ecstasy. Even for the cum shot I was really surprised to get a couple globs down the back of my throat before realizing he was cumming.
Dax’s friend was here also, he held the camera while I did the rimming portion, so it has kind of a cool “live cam” shot in it.
Right now, I think Dax will come back and top a dude, I just have to find someone who can take his thick piece of meat!

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:42
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5943kbps
Audio: 249kbps

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