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MEN – The Gay Office – Newbies – Ryan C & Spencer Fox

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Southern Strokes – Ryan C & Brandon Lewis

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Falcon Studios – Musclebound – Ryan Rose & Trenton Ducati

Falcon Studios – Musclebound – Ryan Rose & Trenton Ducati

Sweat coursing down Ryan Rose’s shredded torso throw every ripped muscle into high relief. You can’t believe his trainer, Trenton Ducati, doesn’t try to capture a few drops on his tongue. But Trenton is all taskmaster as he guides Ryan’s iron-pumping routine. A pat on the back at the end of the session escalates into Trenton copping a generous feel of those freshly pumped muscles. Then Ryan sticks his tongue out and Trenton sucks it. Now, Trenton begins to lap up Ryan’s sweat. Trenton’s hand pushing down on Ryan’s workout shorts brings his perfect butt globes into view, one tantalizing inch at a time. They exchange fevered blow jobs, with Ryan demanding that Trenton fuck his throat. Then, Ryan’s hole already lubed by sweat that’s dripped down his crack, Trenton fucks him on his hands and knees. When they switch positions, they trade roles, and now Ryan drills the trainer’s hole. All you see is the whites of their eyes as they erupt in jism. The cool-down is almost as hot as the sex, as they collapse in a long muscular embrace, stroking their hard ons.

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Dudes Raw- Cam Christou & Ryan Raz

Dudes Raw- Cam Christou & Ryan Raz

Tatted up hunk Cam Christou is way into sexy fucker Ryan Raz. Cam starts off by sucking on Ryan’s sweet dick and driving the boy wild for more. Cam takes him to the next level of ecstasy by flipping him over and burying his face in his ass, driving his tongue deep into Ryan’s quivering hole. With Ryan’s hole nice and juicy, and lubed up with spit, Cam drive his big cock deep into the boy’s bubble butt. Ryan loves it and is soon meeting Cam’s thrusts and fucking him back. Deciding to take control, Ryan jumps up, sinks down on Cam’s throbbing dick, and rides it like a cowboy riding a bull at a rodeo. Cam fucks up into him with long, deep strokes, pulling his cock out all the way to expose Ryan’s now gaping butt hole, and then thrusting it back in all the way up to the balls. Ryan wants to see the sexy stud who’s fucking him so well, so he dismounts and flips over, throwing his legs in the air. Cam jams his cock back in Ryan’s well fucked hole and pounds the fuck out of it, causing Ryan to shoot a nice load all over his stomach. This excites Cam so much that he pulls out and shoots his own hot load all over Ryan’s load and fucks it in real deep.

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Chaosmen 1504 – Bryan & Shay: Serviced   Recently updated !

Chaosmen 1504 – Bryan & Shay: Serviced

Despite Shay having some hand jobs and blow jobs from an occasional hook-up, he actually seemed really impressed with the massage. We queued up a porn for him, but he wanted to sit and watch it a while before starting. I told him it was likely he wouldn’t need it if he had no problems having a guy play with him out in the real world, and handed him his towel.
Shay starts-off fully soft, and that had him worried. After years of doing this, as well as seeing his cock stroking technique during his solo, I knew he would be hard in no time.
He is very easy going, so he shrugged and hopped on the table. Like many of the guy, once you get down to the ass area, their cock wakes up fast. His hole and his cock are both absolutely perfect, and seeing his ass propped up in the air might make any Bottom yearn to be a Top, or at the very least, flip-flop fuck him.
His facial expressions are priceless, and his under-the-breath talking will have your own boner as hard as he was. I love when I can just toy with a guy’s cock, trying different techniques, that makes them raise their eyebrows in wonder, but also want to come back for more.
Shay’s cum shot is super intense as I fast-jerk his load out of him. He literally writhes around like he is being electrocuted, all the while cum is spilling out and shooting into my mouth and hitting my face!
He says he is down for more. With his cock he seems like he would be a natural Top, but he has not ruled out getting fucked. Perhaps he will be a versatile kind of guy!

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Chaosmen 1527 Augustus & Bryan: Edge

Chaosmen 1527 Augustus & Bryan: Edge

This is where I insert my obligatory “The other model didn’t show up” excuse for performing again with a model.

Augustus’s scene partner missed his outbound flight, and texted that he would not be in until 9pm that night. Ugh! That’s a super late video shoot, but what can ya do? I picked Augustus up earlier in the day and he hung out at the studio for 4-5 hours.

I headed back to the airport, aaand… nothing. No show. No texts. No phone call. I waited around an hour, fearing he had lost all the juice on his phone, but no sign of him.

I drove the 30 miles back to the studio and told Augustus that it was a no go.

He was of course disappointed he had flown all the way here, and was going home empty handed.

His flight the next day didn’t leave till 3pm, and I woke up the following day and thought maybe we could do an Edge video. I asked him if he had finally jerked-off the night before, and he said he had. I had too! image

But he said he was all charged up and ready to go. And well, so was I!

Boy, was he ever ready to go! I have had to ‘help’ Augustus get over the top a couple times, so it was somewhat familiar territory. For me it was super easy to cum, despite having unloaded 10 hours earlier, mainly cuz Augustus’s ass is amazing to look down at while your cock goes in.

For his cum shot, I used the FleshJack on him. You gotta give me a hand for my timing on that! If I had let him cum inside the toy, no one would have believed it. I yank off at just the right time! What a workout though!

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Duration: 26:03
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UK Naked Men – Darius Ferdynand & Ben Ryan

UK Naked Men – Darius Ferdynand & Ben Ryan

Check out this cute newcomer named Ben Ryan. He just shot a sex scene with UK Naked Men. Ben is a very passionate bottom. His scene partner is hot porn star Darius Ferdynand.
Darius Ferdynand is one of the most perfect porn star. This guy is so handsome, has ripped muscular body and big dick.

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Duration: 27:37
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SeanCody: Ryan & Dalton (Bareback)

SeanCody: Ryan & Dalton (Bareback)

It had been over a year since I’d seen Ryan.

You know how things go… he got busy with work and school and we’d just lost touch.

I was at a big outdoor event up north when I spotted him across the crowd. I didn’t recognize him at first. He was shirtless and he’d put on more muscle. But once it registered I ran right over.

He was surprised to see me too.

“Wow!” he said. “It’s a small world!”

So we chatted for a bit and then I asked him when he was going to come back and get fucked.

“You know, we have a whole bunch of new hotties!” I joked.

Well, it didn’t take much convincing because a week later his was sticking his tongue down Dalton‘s throat!

“Oh my god!” he said after he’d just swallowed Dalton’s cock all the way to the base. “He’s so hot!”

Dalton liked Ryan too. He was manhandling Ryan and fucking him all over the sofa!

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Duration: 27:50
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264), 2601kbps
Audio: 40kbps

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Raging Stallion – Under My Skin 2 – Jake Jammer & Ryan Patrix

Raging Stallion – Under My Skin 2 – Jake Jammer & Ryan Patrix

Ryan Patrix’s skin displays his total dedication to the tattoo needle. Swirling colors and patterns sweep up his arms, across his chest, and down to his big, fat dick, which hovers above a mouth-watering pair of low-hanging bull balls. In front of Ryan stands scruffy Jake Jammer, whose mushroom-headed cock struggles to emerge from the confines of his Levis. Ryan lays Jake out on the table and, in a single, swift motion, tears off Jake’s jeans and inhales his cock. However, Jake wants more than a blowjob. ‘Fuck me with that big dick; get it in there,’ he demands, and Ryan delivers with brute f orce. The intensity spirals: the harder Ryan fucks, the harder Jake wants it, and soon they’re rebounding off the table after each thrust. At the limit of his endurance, Ryan relents, and Jake services Ryan’s crack and sack with his tongue. In an unexpected twist, Jake assumes control and drills Ryan’s ass deep, commanding him, ‘Squeeze my dick!’ They blow their loads together, marking Ryan’s inked torso with massive white dots of cum.

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Duration: 24:10
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