Cast: Lucky Ryder, Ronny Howard, Calvin Rose, Erik Franke, Heath Denson, Marty Love, Adrian Rivers, Mike James, Logan Lech, Shane Hirch

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Release Year: 2013
Studio: Phoenixxx

“We’re after whales—as in, the high rollers. Whales are the kind of men who think in dollar signs. The kind of men who come to Vegas because they know that for the right price, they can have anything they want—even boys like us.” Andy Taylor, Ryker Madison, and Ian Levine are three twinks living easy in Las Vegas with only one rule: hook up and cash out. The lust and greed catches up with them, though, when it’s not just another tourist they rip off, but a loan shark (Jeremy Stevens.) In a high stakes standoff, the three little hustlers are gambling with their lives and the odds favor the house…

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Okay, youve yourself to show up for your examination…absolutely the last thing youd like to do…other than maybe visit the dentist. But wait…the waiting rooms full of hot-assed guys in the same boat. And whats more the exam rooms hotter yet…theyre naked! Some wise ass doctor (or his horny assistant) asks you to cough, then its the rectal exam… Now everyones sporting a hardon…and things spin out of control. And everyones ready for their follow-up visit…you bet your ass!

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Ty is a bisexual top who’s studying to be an architect. He’s a sporty young man who enjoys the gym and cycling amongst his hobbies. He admits that he loves to show off, and when you see his hard 8.5" cut cock throbbing with delight in his wanking hand you’ll see just how much he enjoys performing for the guys. Check out the load he delivers after his horny wank!

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Genres: Asian, Twinks, BDSM, Oral/Anal Sex, Bondage, Handjob, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshot


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Release Year: 2007
Cast: Kallum Ash, Tyler Black, Troy Bolton, Steve Daniels, Lincoln Gates, Alexander Petrov, Kyle Price (Andy), Jamie Summers (Joe), Marek Zamoyski
Genres: oral, anal, group sex, twinks
Video language: English

Andy is a troubled young guy. He has flashbacks to a time when he was bullied by a muscular skinhead. He is also being nagged by his boyfriend Joe for not being adventurous enough in the sack. When Joe tries to have unsafe sex with Andy, Andy walks out for good. On his way out he chances on some thieves and gets involved in a rough three-way in a bar. Andy’s adventures get rougher and the sex he has gets darker, although always safe. Finally when Andy encounters the guy who bullied him and Joe in the same location, he has to make a tough decision, to confront his past or forgive and forget. The film climaxes with a no-holds-barred orgy that is the hottest scene Corolo has ever filmed! The cast features ten hot young models who run the gamut from muscle guys and tough chavs, to fresh-faced twinks.

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Release Year: 2017
Video language: Japanese

『ザ・交渉 18』でデビューした現役コーチや実業団選手も登場!初登場でいきなり初ウケ解禁の激エロ新人体育会も!
1. 洸大・21才が初アナル責めに悶絶!肉付きの良いケツを責められながらも、太マラをおっ勃たてる洸大!丸見えアナルに次々にぶち込まれる玩具!苦悶か快感か… 顔を歪める洸大!ケツ穴をヒクヒクさせながらザーメン発射!精子舐めも体験!
2. 『ザ・交渉 18』の現役実業団選手・24才が初の雄フェラで切ない雄声を漏らす!ヌルヌルローション責めでエロさを増す筋肉!雄フェラの快感に思わず恥辱の雄声を上げる!
3. 新顔アメフト選手が敏感bodyを責められ崩壊!開始早々、乳首責めで悶絶!フットボールパンツの中で破裂しそうなほどギンギンに勃起するエロマラ!感じすぎてヒクヒク動く金玉!雄声を上げながら大量射精!
4. 『ザ・交渉 18』の現役コーチ・22才の必見スケベ顔!雄責めに体を震わせながらマラをおっ勃たてる現役コーチ!ケツ舐めの快感に震える足!
5. 新顔が初登場にして初ウケ!乳首責めの快感に連動するように震える腹筋!初雄フェラ体験に興奮!?すぐにイキそうになる敏感body!ケツ
6. 新顔野球部・18才が初登場にして初ウケ!超敏感乳首!触れられただけで漏れる雄声!ベースボールパンツの中でおっ勃つ10代マラ!初体験のケツ責めでついに崩壊か!?初ウケにもかかわらずガン掘りされても萎えないエロマラ!「出るッ!出るッ!出るッ!」と切ない雄声を上げながら豪快掘られイキ!
7. 洸大・21才が覚悟の初ウケ!全身の筋肉を舐めまわされる洸大!フェラ&キスも解禁!初ウケにして、掘り上げられパックリ開く洸大の穴!激掘りに漏れる雄声!苦悶の表情を浮かべるもエロマラは超勃起!初ウケにして初の掘られイキ!

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Duration: 2:21:49
Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 2929kbps
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Release Year: 2005
Studio: Out Law, Bolt
Genres: Asian, Muscle, Oral/Anal Sex, HandJob, BlowJob, Masturbation, Cumshot

から独立ビデオメーカー 誕生…!
恥ずかしいけど気持ちいい… むさぼりあう男たち

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