Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Bringing Daniel And Lane Together Was Such A Great Idea. It Was A Match Made In Heaven! They Were Always On The Same Page And Their Personalities Complimented Each Other So Well. The Sexual Tension Between Them Was Insane. They’Re Both Freaky In Bed, So Daniel’S Wild Side Undeniably Gave Lane’S Wild Side Exactly What It Wanted – Dirty, Rough Fucking! “I’M Kind Of A Big Deal When It Comes To Bottoming. I’Ve Taken Pretty Big Dicks And I’M Kind Of A Cock-Hungry Cum-Whore.” Daniel Laughed Excitedly, “Yes! That’S Exactly My Type!” They Got So Excited By Their Instant Connection That They Had To Find A Secluded Place Outdoors To Get To Know Each Other A Little More Intimately. When They Were Done There, They Went Back To The House To Continue Fucking And Make As Much Noise As They Wanted. Daniel Really Gave It To Lane And Both Were Left Completely Satisfied In The End.

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You’re in for a real treat with this one. It’s Asher Hawk! This incredibly gorgeous, sexual boy has invited you to join him in bed as he rouses from a nap. The best way Asher knows to wake up is with a good, sensual cock tugging. His dick is always nice and hard after a nap. Today, it awaits his attention.
You’ll be with Asher as he pushes the covers down, letting his raging boner get some fresh air. His feet poke out from underneath the bottom of the comforter as he strokes his firm meat. Asher loves touching himself all over when he jerks off. Watch him revive his senses by indulging in some hot personal time.

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Release Year: 2006
Studio: Dolphin Entertainment
Cast: Twink, Teen, Solo, Masturbation, Casting, Russian
Genres: Anal, oral

23 hot young men being interviewed before their appearance. See these guys talk about their lives, fantasies and their first time before they jock off for the camera. There are 23 of them, they are Russian. They are very serious, they are 18, 19, 20, 21, and all look years younger even than that. Their bodies are undeveloped or just developed. Their skins are like brushed velvet, their cocks are long or short, fat or skinny, almost all uncut.

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Video language: Japanese


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Release Year: 2005
Studio: High Octane
Cast: Julian Vincenzo, David Bathory, Claudio Antonelli, Fred Fele, Garret Felado, Enrique Gardinelli, Tim Brensen, Gamal Simon, Lucio Maverick, Rob Nelson, Rod Stevens, Isak Ramos, Zeno Alexander, Carson Lane, Fredy Costa, Irving Hunter
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Hunks, Locker Room, Big Loads, Blonds, Deep Throating, Hairy Men, Orgy, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Young Meat, Uniforms, Voyeurism

This is the ultimate wet dream. Who wouldn’t want to be ridden rough by these rugged outdoors men, all skilled in the manly arts of ass groping and pecker fencing, and all having a lot of fun. Simon, Felado and Gardinelli let loose like frisky kids, hosing down their all-terrain vehicles then one another. Their own juices are flowing inside, and Simon gets double teamed, pants yanked down to expose melon-like butt cheeks. Their man hoses are rapidly rising in their pants, and soon in one another’s mouths. Gardinelli fucks Simon hard from behind. He pulls out, spits on the hole and shoves it in again. Felado gets his turn, pumping up into Simon’s willing rump.Gardinelli cocks his head in an open-mouth "Scream" expression when Simon deep throats his raging cock. Still twinkish Brensen, looking sexier than ever, watches hunky Hunter and drop–gorgeous Alexander ride ATVs shirtless, greets them with kisses then strips them while gnawing on the poles tenting their briefs. A very hot suck and fuck session follows. Brensen moans like a puppy and blows massive load with his ass stuffed.Studly Vincenzo encounters horny pair Ramos and Lane, clad in open-front jumpsuits, and they get it on in a barn. Vincenzo shoves his thick pole up Lane’s butt doggy style, slamming it deep. Lane turns over for Vincenzo to missionary fuck him. Vincenzo pauses to spit-lube Lane’s hole, a thread of continuity throughout the video. Lane flips to top, drilling up into Ramos’s ass crack while Vincenzo munches Ramos’s flailing cock. Vincenzo goes back to his favorite activity, fucking Ramos this time.On an eight-man camping trip, olive-tone Maverick and beefy skinhead Stevens leave the campfire chat for a quiet fuck inside the tent, but they get no privacy. The others surround the tent and watch them trade blow jobs. A hot circle jerk ensues outside while Maverick does push-ups with his cock dipping into Steven’s mouth then fucks his shaved butt cheeks in three positions and sits on Steven’s face, tea bagging him and spewing a superhuman load. The observers are grabbing one another’s stiff dicks, and each goes down on a partner’s man muscle.They form three pairs then bring the action closer for a six-man orgy. Vincenzo and Fele cock-feed Nel’s face. As Antonelli locks lips around Fele’s pole, Costa maneuvers behind Antonelli and slaps butt with his rigid cock before sliding inside. Nel plants his ass on Bathory’s shaft and sucks Vincenzo’s cock while Fele sucks Nel’s. Fele and Vincenzo suck each other and alternately feed cock to Nel and suck on his. Costa face fucks Nel, who is being fucked by Bathory. Fele gives up his ass to Vincenzo. Costa takes over fucking Fele, then Fele finally gets to plant his dick up some man butt, shoving it deep between Antonelli’s legs thrust high. For the entire hedonistic final scene the screen is filled with unending man sex, and the six spray enough jizz to douse any campfire.

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Release Year: 2017
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Gorgeous Tgirl Ashley Paleta Has A Stunning Body, Big Sexy Boobs, A Nice Firm Ass And A Delicious Big Uncut Cock! Watch As Ts Ashley Gets A Blowjob From Jay Roxin Before He Fucks Her Sexy Hungry Ass!

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Release Year: 2012
Cast: Kenny Carlson JP Dubois Felix Feuerstein Maxxime Furie Stephan Gainer Zaho Sebastian Mann Luke Pascoe Johan Volny Falco White
Genres: twinks ,sneaks ,socks ,feet ,anal ,oral,fetish
Video language: English

Three young lads take turns to fuck holes and shoot their load like little bastards. An 18-year-old apprentice shags his supervisor at the workshop and cums all over his face. Luke fondles his 9-inch manhood until it ends in a spunkfest… And he’s not the only one: all his mates are mega horny with their balls about to burst.

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Release Year: 2015
Studio: ActiveDuty
Genres: Solo, Interview, Masturbaion, Cumshot, Muscle

We’re taking you back in time to get reacquainted with a recruit from the past. Caleb’s a sexy 5’8′, 150 lbs. little god who is sure to get your juices flowing. When I met Caleb he was in the National Guard, back in the very early days of the Iraq war.
Caleb’s very into his jerk off session, talking to you, asking if you’d like to be there with him. At one point he starts playing with his ass and says, ‘You like my ass? No one’s ever touched it but me.’ You’re in for one hot ride with Caleb as he takes you on an exploration of his hot, cut, tight and toned little muscled bod and perfect ass, right up to his explosive cumshot. Then Caleb takes us to the shower where he continues his banter as he teases us and gets us all lathered up right along with him.

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Duration: 22:36
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Release Year: 2007
Studio: Kristen Bjorn
Cast: Alex Brinsky Alex Ferrari Carlos Dispone Carlos Montenegro Daniel Marvin David Vega Fabian Andrade Jean Franko Jordi Casal Jorge Ballantinos Matthias Vannelli Mike Gonda Murat Cipiere Pedro Andreas Peter Berg Peter Pauer Ricardo Safado Rocky Oliveira Tibor
Genres: Anal, oral, general hardcore, condoms

Carlos Montenegro is a rancher who realizes that life with his wife isn’t where his fantasies lie. At night he dreams of the hot ranch hands who surround him. Until one fateful day, Carlos is finally raptured by a group of horny ranch studs who initiate him into the world of man to man sex. Meanwhile, you’ll see Jean-Franko being gang-banged by a group of international hunks. Dreamboat Rocky Oliveira and chiseled Peter Pauer take turns riding on Ricardo Safado’s 13 inch boner! Blond stud Peter Burg gets double poked by muscled Latin studs Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas. In a hidden mountain training camp for separatist rebels, Brazilian studs Alex Ferrari and Fabian Andrades take on Eastern European hotcakes Tibor Cernan and Mike Gonda to see which team can out fuck the other! Later, all hell breaks loose when Matthias Vannelli challenges Carlos Montenegro to a big-dick contest at the ranchers club, and Jordi Casal and Alex Bogan are also swept up into the sexual fury!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:51:00
Video: 720×540, AVC (H.264), 1949kbps
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Studio: BreederFuckers

Teen paperboy Max appeared very sweet at first, but tie the fucker down, strip him off and he turns into a right nasty little fucker.

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Duration: 19:49
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 1857kbps
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