Release Year: 2014
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Donnie Dean, Adam Wirthmore, Ryan Rose, Liam Magnuson, Ray Han, Lance Luciano, Ray Diaz, Angel Rock
Genres: Oral, Anal, Big dicks, Group sex, Young men

Steamy fantasiese to life when Tony Dimarco’s vision of California Dreamin ‘1 captures – in classic Falcon fashion – what happens when temperatures soar and stunning studs get rock hard, remove their clothing and turn their poolside sexual desires into reality. The eight visions in the sun of California Dreamin ‘1 are tanned and toned; the packages are perfect. Ryan Rose finds tanning impossible when Ray Han flashes his tail that’s never seen sun. Ray opens wide at both ends for a multi-position pounding. The hair on Liam Magnu’s pumped pecs reflects sunlight like gold. Magnu appears here in his final scene shot before he retired. Donnie Dean’s touch triggers a sexual chain reaction that does not end until their hard bodies are drenched with sweat and spooge. Adam Wirthmore’s ass gets Angel Rock’s thick member full mast. Hot underwater camerawork captures every detail of their watery suck-n-fuck. Dreamboat Lance Luciano is California Dreamin ‘incarnate. Asleep on the lawn, his dreams could never be as hot as Ray Diaz, whose lusty intentions are wee. Ray is more than turned on by Lance’s finger in his hole, but once Lance’s cock is lodged tightly in Ray’s ass, they go on a fuck journey that leads to a dream ending. You do not have to dream: Tony Dimarco and the stunning cast of California Dreamin ‘1 deliver chapter and verse in an evocation of primal heat evoked by perfect bodies in the sun. Pass the sun screen and the lube.

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Release Year: 2004
Studio: Colt Studio
Cast: Jake Andrews, Cannon, Tod Parker, Carlos Morales, Ray Dragon, Todd Maxwell, Felipe
Genres: Gay Porn, hunks, couples, Guys, brutal adults only couples

Like your Colt Studs two at a time? Then Colt Couples II is for you! This man-to-man DVD features some of the hottest one-on-one action in Colt’S library.

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Release Year: 2007
Studio: Wurstfilm , Dark Alley Media
Cast: Lupus, Jason Keller, Rod Painter, Chris Bee, Mats Riem, Alex, Steffan, Ardago, Leo Yankho
Genres: Oral / Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Bodybuilders, Cum Eating, Facial Cumshots, Rimming, Orgy, Uncut Cock, Piss

Somewhere in the city is a public toilet, run by an evil man who abducts other men through a hidden trap door into a basement labyrinth where hard and horny priers are left to fuck and stretch each others depraved holes in sleazy stalls. But be warned, if a stall is occupied, the next best guy is spontaneously degraded int a living pisser! From the dirty fuck alleys of this sexual abyss there is no escape – unless you survive the full cock-load!

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Check out these scenes of hot boy fucking in British Twink Slutz 1. Tight butts are royally deflowered and cocks are sucked dry as eight horny twinks indulge their gay side. Drake and Dylan try to outdo each other on the Wii, but then try to outdo each other in the cock sucking stakes. Dylan pushes Drake’s tee shirt up and tenderly kisses his small nipples and toned stomach. Drake then takes his turn at Dylan’s hairless chest before inching down to the young guy’s bulge. Stripping his pal, he is eager to get his mouth round his hardening cock. The lads are impatient to taste each other and Dylan deep throats Drake’s big cock with ease before pushing his pal’s legs back and hungrily eating his hole. Wet and ready, Drake eases his big cock up his pal’s tense hole – pulling his head back by the hair as he goes balls-deep into the tight chute. These lads bang in and reverse cowboy before Dylan slides off Drake’s cock to receive a hefty wad of cum on his face and then jacks onto his own stomach. Evan is on the phone, but his flatmate wants some attention – so kisses Evan’s neck and rubs the bulge in his trousers as he talks. Evan can feel his juices rising and cuts short his call to embraces Jay. The two kiss long and deep whilst hands snake under shirts and delve down jeans to wake sleeping trouser snakes. Jay pushes Evan against the kitchen sink, pulls his jeans down and gorges himself on his fully awake monster. Savouring the hardness, Jay engulfs the rigid cock with his pretty-boy mouth. Evan takes as much as he can before he is impatient for cock, so he swaps places with Jay and makes a meal of his teen dick. Jay decides he wants more and, swapping again, he bends Evan over the counter, parts his ass cheeks and dives his tongue into the twitching butt hole. However it’s Evan who’s the dominant top and he slowly pushes his thick cock up the skinny lad’s twinky ass. He gives Jay some time to adjust to the stretching pole before he starts pistoning away and fucking that sweet rear. The lads to move to the kitchen floor before Evan pops a load onto Jay’s face and Jay’s brings himself off. Finley and Kyle are connecting in more ways than one. After playing a demanding game on the Xbox Connect, these two lads decide that a little strenuous one on one is in order and collapse on the sofa with lips locked and hands wandering. They strip down to reveal two skinny and hairless boy bodies, but each sports a hard-on that cries out for attention. Finley is the first to eat cock and he mouth-fucks his pal’s throbbing dick. It’s only a matter of time before red-headed Kyle gets his teeth into Finley’s erection. Finley is a master fucker and plows Kyle’s hole like a pro. Kyle climes on top and rides Finley and, with his cock in his ass, he jettisons his spunk over his mate’s chest then sucks Finley’s balls whilst Finley knocks one out. Lucas and Anthony have a kick-around outside the flat, but after declaring that he was bored, Lucas grabs his mate and leads him upstairs to the bedroom. He throws the football down to concentrate on his pal’s hard balls. The two kiss and caress as they slowly strip down, before Lucas goes straight for Anthony’s cock. He eats and plays with the meaty pole and then sits astride Anthony’s chest and pushes his cock into his mouth. The lads 69 before Lucas lets his pal fuck him up the ass. After a heavy session both lads lay back and jerk one out. British Twink Slutz 1 features eight horny British boy-slutz in non-stop hot twink couplings!

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Studio: Citebeur

Discover 8 hot vids extracted from website citebeur and released for the first time in DVD. Check out french arab street guys stroking their huge stiff cock and pounding every ass the come accross plus an outstanding self fellation you wont forget.

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Release Year: 2018
Genres: bdsm, clamps, cross, cruzified, cum, dildofucking, fetish, oral, porn, rack, whip
Video language: English

Scene 1: With the coming of summer, the young joggers are out: Beautiful young men, enjoying their athleticism, showing off for all to see. Knowing this, Jared is on the prowl when he spots Garrett: Tall and lean, wearing embarrassingly small jogging shorts and a tight A-shirt. The kid looks to be in his late teens, no more than 20. He is smooth and boyish, lanky and graceful, a track and field athlete, not a lifter. Even better, the front of his short-shorts is bulging: this kid is packing one hell of a package. Jared smiles to himself, knowing his master will be very pleased. An hour later the boy is in the dungeon, splayed on a bondage table, spread-eagled from corner to corner. Time to wake up.

Scene 2: Garrett is in a state of emotional shock. What the fuck is happening to him? He’s helpless and bound in a dark, concrete room, gagged, spread-eagled on a table, cuffed at the wrists and ankles, stripped to his shorts – and two guys are whipping his stomach and chest! The large, leather ball-gag in his mouth is making his jaw ache. He knows these men are into him sexually – but he just can’t believe it. “Does your know you wear these slutty shorts in public” the older man says with a sneer, as he cuts away the shorts’ waist band, leaving Garrett almost naked, then whips his lean body some more. Now it’s time to see that cock – and shove a dildo down his throat.

Scene 3: Garrett’s sexual humiliation continues. Not only is he stripped naked, totally helpless and covered with lash marks, he’s now stroked and to get hard – then whipped some more. “Let me go! I won’t tell anyone!” the innocent boy begs, but he is left alone for hours, then flipped over onto his stomach. Now the older man has his way with the boy’s ass, ripping off what’s left of his tiny running shorts, then groping and flogging his muscular back and beautiful ass.

Scene 4: Garrett is naked and alone, spread-eagled on a table, when the young man torturing him returns and removes his left running shoe. Somehow, Garrett knows he is in for horrible pain. And he’s right. His torturer starts by stroking the soles of his foot with a riding crop and then – smack! It’s not even a particularly hard blow, but the pain is unbearable – like being slapped on the most sensitive part of your body. And it’s just the start of a very long foot whipping – sometimes rapid, sometimes intermittent, but always painful.

Scene 5: “No! No!” college boy Garrett screams when Jared shoves a massive dildo in his face and tells him “I’m fucking you with this, right now!” Garrett has fooled around a little with guys but in his 20 years he has never been fucked. And this is no ordinary dildo. This is a hard-rubber, unbending fuck-phallus, not meant to give pleasure – at least not to the ass being fucked. Jared starts by thrusting an index finger in deep. Garrett screams; his whole body shutters with even this minor violation. “Fuck, this boy is tight!” Jared mutters. Tight, indeed. Pushing the dildo in – all the way – takes all his strength. The fucking goes on and on and on. Poor Garrett. His virgin asshole will never be the same.

Scene 6: Our helpless college boy is now bound standing, naked and hooded, his arms stretched along a horizontal beam dangling just below his shoulders. A few strokes from his tormentor, Jared, and his big cock is rock hard, again. “I’m starting to think you like this,” Jared sneers, then tears into Garrett’s chest, abs and back with his flogger. “Please stop! I’ll do anything! I’ll suck your cock!” Garrett says. Jared just laughs. “You’re gonna do that anyway, boy,” he replies. Then Garrett hears a whir -and feels his arms being raised. “What are they going to do to me now?” he wonders.

Scene 7: Garrett is minutes away from being crucified when Jared decides he wants his cock sucked first. “Please, please. The whip hurts sooo much,” the boy pleas. “Will you suck my cock?” Jared sneers, whipping Garrett’s abs even harder. “Yes! Yes! I’ll do anything!” Garrett replies. A minute later, he’s on his knees and Jared is ramming his hard cock down his throat. Garrett chokes and sputters, tears streaming down his face, until Jared finally pulls out and busts a massive load of cum all over the college kid’s chest. “I’d let you go,” Jared says, after making the boy lick his cock clean, “but my Master wants to see you ride the fuck cross.”

Scene 8: Garrett stands naked in the cold dungeon, wrists strapped to a horizontal beam when Jared’s master returns and explains what will happen next: He will be crucified, but with a twist. The vertical beam on which his bent legs will be fastened has a narrow wooden seat he can lower himself onto, greatly reducing the strain on his arms, legs and chest, but that seat has a hard-rubber, 9-inch, thickly veined dildo mounted to it, pointing right at Garrett’s asshole. “Whether you fuck yourself or suffer the agony of the cross is up to you,” the man explains. “This is barbaric!” Garrett yells as he’s lifted off the floor. Within minutes he feels the intense pain in his chest and arms of having to hold up his body weight. Slowly, , he sinks down on the dildo, screaming as he’s penetrated.

Scene 9: We’ve seen this before with some boys: After they penetrate themselves on the fuck cross and feel that deep pain of having a massive foreign object shoved up their virgin assholes, they go a little crazy and ride the thing like a bucking bronco. Garrett is such a boy. Nearly hysterical with pain and humiliation, he rides the dildo like there is no tomorrow, screaming and moaning, as Jared stands by, naked, enjoying the show, with his classic self-satisfied sneer. When it’s finally over, the boy lies prone on the ground, still bolted to the cross beam, totally exhausted, but Jared isn’t done with him yet: He pumps a massive load of cum out of the kid, who still has a crusty stream of Jared’s cum on his chest and stomach.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:24:52
Video: 1280×720, MP4V, 3257kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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Release Year: 2013
Cast: Aymeric DeVille, Maikel Cash, Sergio Serrano, David Kadera, Donato Reyes, Julio Rey, Robin Sanchez
Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Cumshots, DAP, Group Sex/Orgy, Muscles, Outdoor, Rimming, Safe Sex, Uncut, Tattoos
Video language: English

For all men, there is a first time for everything… First Time Part 2 explores the world of insatiable, hot men from around the globe, and their first experiences with different kinds of sex. All of which inevitably lead to a frenzy of man to man sucking and fucking, with gallons of cum being spilled and is guaranteed to make you shoot as well! Aymeric Deville and Sergio Serrano are an equally insatiable duo who never tire of sucking and fucking the cum out of each other, and prove it once more. Lovers Robin Sanchez and David Kadera wake up in each other’s arm, and proceed to do a flip flop fuck to pump the cum of of one another. Biker Julio Rey picks up Robin Sanchez on a country road. Robin eagerly sucks the cock juice out of Julio, then Julio pounds the cum out of Robin with a slam fuck on his motorcycle. Donato Reyes mistakenly orders an expensive dish at a posh restaurant, which he can’t afford. Waiters Maikel Cash, Aymeric Deville Sergio Serrano make him pay the bill in flesh. Robin introduces biker Julio to his lover David. At first David resists, but the two Latins persuade the Nordic blond to take the middle position in a three man suck and fuck fest.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:02:37
Video: 720×400, AVC (H.264), 1757kbps
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Release Year: 2013
Genres: Twinks 19+, Condom +, Sucking, Fucking Ass, Kissing, 3ways
Video language: English

Quickly became buddies and played cards in the early evening. Tim of course didn’t know whether to watch the game or look at Steve’s nice body. Steve was only wearing boxer shorts, and what was inside his shorts seemed to be getting bigger and bigger! It then became clear that soon an entirely different kind of game would begin, a game involving their dicks. And it would not be just a game, but true fucking! There is a swing hanging from a tree, and Benjamin and Justin are playing like little boys. But they are not little boys! Truly large tools can be found in their underwear. It’s noon on a summer day, and both boys fuck beautifully under the tree. All of the boys are playing volleyball in the later afternoon.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:23:50
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.3 GB

Release Year: 2007
Studio: White Water Productions
Cast: Claudio Antonelli, Mario McGabe, Antonio Martinelli, Tomi (m), Mickey, Adriano
Genres: Oral, Anal, Orgy, Bareback

Watch these men fuck and suck each other like there is no tomorrow. Imagine yourself fucking a fully loaded cum hole, freshly filled by 7 men. Cum, join the fun where there’s no lube needed!
Fuck after fuck – and load after load – the cum oozes and drips out of that well-drilled greedy hole. Sweaty, messy orgy fun.
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Release Year: 2014
Studio: Jet Set Men
Cast: Alex Andrews, Billy Heights, Brody Wilde, Chaz Riley, Drake Jayden, Girth Brooks, Jacob Durham, Mick Gibson, Mike DeMarco, Ricky Sinz, Ryan Lynch
Genres: Big dicks, Group sex, Young mens

New from Jet Set Men featuring big dicks, jocks, muscle studs, men in uniform and hot jocks riding dildo’s in public bathrooms. Whether you like hot hairy daddies like super thick hung Girth Brooks or power fuck studs like
Ricky Sinz and Mike DeMarko you’ll love this new collection of 6 XXX scenes from Jet Set Men’s premium library. Starring Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights with 10 hot horny studs in 6 cum drenched fuck scenes. This collection is
a must have for any porn lover.

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