Release Year: 2009
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犯す為に騙す、罠にハマればもう逃げる術はない…。 狙った獲物は逃がさない! 欲望を満たす為に性処理の捌け口にされる少年達…。 泣き叫ぼうが容赦はしない、犯って犯って犯りまくる! 面接で、出会い系で、偽撮影で…。 性処理道具に肉棒が突き刺さる。 「てめーはレイプされる為にここに来たんだよ!」 もう逃げる事は出来ない…。

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Release Year: 2005
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They suck and fuck each other till there is cum drenching everything! Don’t miss seven totally hot bareback scenes with all the cum eating and facial cumshots you could want in a hot guy on guy film! What happens at camp is kept a secret!

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Release Year: 2002
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Cast: Andrey, Ivan, Evgeniy, Vitaliy, Uriy, Alexey, Saulius, Renaldas, Lldar
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If you couldn’t get enough from volume one, don’t worry… The Tender Age Vol. 2 is here! Watch this horny young cast of hot boys who just love to take it all right in the kisser! With hot outdoor action and twink-on-twink fun you won’t be disappointed with another great film from Alex Clark! Enjoy!

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Release Year: 2018
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„Smashing Bottoms“ will most likely never be an olympic discipline, but if it ever happens, these horny hunks prove already today that they have what it needs to get a gold medal! It’s all about serious ass ploughing, gay cunt breeding and bareabck gay fucking until the delicious, creamy spunk cums out of those big, big balls! Horny men, wherever you look, fuck each other merciless.

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Cast: Ichi, Yusuke, Nagi, Kai, Kazuki, Tsubasa, Yuto, Jin
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未来への扉の鍵は僕らの。 友達以上の… 駆け引きの… 無邪気な… 理性を奪う… が紡ぐ4つのロマンス第三章「 3」が幕を開ける。 トップアイドル優人と仁、二人だけの時間… … 少し大人になった優人の唇が仁をベッドへ誘い、友達では終われない、もっと深い関係へ… 恋に悩む奈義… 奈義が気になる弟分の櫂… … 二人の思惑がすれ違い、だけれども二人の唇はその距離を縮めていく… 公園で無邪気に笑う の裕典(ユウスケ)、それを見つめる壱… … 初めて男を受け入れることに緊張する裕典の体を壱の豊潤な唇が解き放つ… 木村和輝の一途な想いを翼の濃厚なが迷わせる… … 不安なキモチ… その隙間に近づく翼の唇… 翼が木村の雄の本能に火をつける… それぞれのが新たな局面を迎え、そしてまた彼らを魅力的に成長させていく。 彼らの未来を垣間見られる濃厚濃密な145分。大人気各パートのオフショットも収録。

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Sperm Attack gives us smooth toned young twinkx direct from the Czech Republic and strips them down to show their lush bodies and amazing cocks in full close up action of ass stretching and face fucking from start to finish.

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Newcomer Nick was hired to strip at a Masquerade. Wanting to impress his new employer, he decided to practice before the big event. Slowly but surely he got in the mood and even excited himself as he was dancing. At the end of his number, hard as a rock, he put down his headphones and finished himself off… Lucky are those who will attend that party.

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