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They may look young and innocent, but the bareack boys’ extra curricular activites are less than angelic! Sucking off fellow students for a cigarette, giving their holes to teachers for a better grade and bullying younger boys for their pocket money and viginities! Two lads are even so naughty they make their professor submit; taking him from both ends until they all end up in a sticky situation!

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They say the French are the most romantic lovers in the world, well if that’s the case, someone needs to tell this group of dirty French First Timers! Whether it be in the bedroom or a derelict building, there’s nothing romantic in these impassioned hook-ups and there is definitely no vanilla loving going on! Hard French kisses are only a perfunctory necessity because these guys would rather wrap their tongue around a large cock or use it to lube up a puckered hole ready for a damn good fucking! These boys have sexual stamina that is second to none and show it off in nearly two hours of hot Euro action!

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We present newest collection is jam-packed with cum-hungry bottoms that are ready to worship huge cock and get fucked hard and deep. 5 scenes with the sexiest European studs and tons of ass-packing, cum-dripping footage will leave your hole quivering for a wrecking.

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Sometimes is given the honor to fulfill them, but other times, he’s told to sit back and watch another.

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Cum to ! These strict, masculine, big-dick studs drive their point home. Burly, hairy, HUNG and horned up, they take their eager pups in hand and teach them how to please a man. – Dirk Caber wrestles his pup – Jace Tyler into the position in a derelict factory. Dolan Wolf and JP Hawkes, two fine, ‘upstanding’ hairy men, get down to some nasty fuck action, whilst in a tropical garden stunning, Matt Stevens fucks, sucks and spit lubes Drake Jaden ready for action. Back onto the wrestling mat for a sexy bout with big-cocked French guys Jeff Stronger and Robin Fanteria, who flip-flop their way to great, copious squirting cum shots. And lastly the incredibly sexy Mr Delta Kobra for an intimate tour of his sexy body, and close up look as he orgasms all over his hairy belly.

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Depois que ele come um bocado de gozo em sua boca, meu amigo enfia muitos dedos na bunda desse cara enquanto ele bate.

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Studio: Spunk / Oink

Last year Oink! Video brought the surprise piss hit What a Pisser to the small screen, and this year they follow it up with an even wetter piss orgy in Piss-in Boots. Shot in Chicagos infamous Cellblock bar, PIB shows how much fun a gang of nasty barebackin piss pigs can have when left to their own devices.
Blindfolded piss bottom John Drake gladly gets his thigh high waders filled by muscle dies guzzlin brewskies, making him their favorite watering hole. Who needs to traipse all the way to the back when youve got a urinal right there by the bar? Gallons of the steamy yellow stuff flow all over his legs and feet as the men relieve themselves on this human toilet.
Next, a few of the muscle men grab their brews and move to back move to the back of the bar where cover bottom Trent Islay gets down to 3-on-1 suckfest complete with a little piss in the mouth action. One of the tops decides Trents hole shouldnt go unfilled, and grabs a butt plug, stuffs it in, and slaps it hard to make certain its more than all the way in. A fourth top joins them and obliges by taking a leak all over Trents back. That gets Trent really going, and he falls to the floor and gets his dream cum true, a heavy duty drenching from four piss nozzles. Trent loves it, and cant help stoking and playing with his own nipple as hes getting soaked. Theres so much liquid gold flowing that one of tops goes vers and has to get a little taste of the recycled brew as it spews on Trent. These tops must have a lot, as Trent sits up for some cocksucking, and gets pissed on all over his face. We then cut to another chrome dome dy working Trents hole with the butt plug. The very dominent top removes the plug, and sticks it in Trents hungry mouth, and then back again into his hole. A few more times of back and forth, and dy is then working and teasing open his hole with a huge black dildo. After getting more to , a couple of the tops are back to make certain Trent stays wet and warm while his hole is worked. Top man prys drops the toy, and starts pulling Trents hole open to a gaping wide position about the size of a golf ball.
It soon becomes apparent exactly what dy had in mind, as he drains the dragon right into Trents stretched open oriface. Another top returns, and soon Trent is taking piss in both his mouth and his ass simultaniously.
Back at the bar, John Drake is still taking loads of piss in his boots, and even decides its time to give up his own fluid, so he pisses all over his leg as hes getting piss on by another barfly.
As the bar begins to empty out, the big dy from the previous piss-fest is seen removing Johns right boot, and drainng all the collected urine spills it over his head, dripping down all over him, and onto the black tarp hes sitting on, giving him a nice yellow puddle to wallow in. The top then grabs some crisco, smears it all over his hole, pisses into his hole and all over him, and then proceeds to bareback him a little. The top then removes his cock, and sticks it in Johns mouth, and while another of the tops comes over to wet him down again.
John is then treated to a good working over with that same black dildo that went up Trents hole, while another top pisses on him again, and then the big tops fist goes right up his man hole to his obvious piggy delight. This is followed by more butt play, a little fucking, and another couple of tops come over to bareback him some more, and then piss all over him and in him while he gets fucked.
One of the top fuckers stands over Johns gaping hole a squirts a huge load right into it, while the previous top pushes it in with his fingers, and then felches it out, and fucks him some more.
In the grand piss finale, our two piss pig bottoms get funnels stuck up their asses for a multi-top piss enema, and once removed they back their holes up, squirt out, and exchange all the manjuice theyve collected all night.
Piss-in Boots is the wettest, nastiest, pig film of 2005, and for all of you watersports lovers, a major film. You can practically feel the wetness down to to your toes, Squish, Squish.

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