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Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

They get down and dirty in this delicious scene filled with cock-sucking, ass-pounding action and some great cumshots to finish things off!

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Studio: chaosmen

Sam is a muscle dude with a swedish, irish and german background. he has alabaster skin with freckles!he is straight, and all this was new to him. sam is into milf type ladies, with their average age being around 40. i bet the cougars love him! sam works in business and finance, but clearly spends a lot of time at the gym. he is a smart guy, politically aware, and likely can hold his own in a conversation with any women twice his age on a wide array of topics. his jerk-off motion is very expressive. he has puts a lot of energy into it, and his cock is clearly giving him a lot of pleasure! i queued up a hot milf video for him to stroke to, and he busts a huge load while watching it!

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Ryan Hill is a young 18 year old and he thinks he has what it takes to be in the adult industry.

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Studio: chaosmen

Rylan submitted an application to model via the model search page. he included some really nice pictures and two intro videos. i was instantly smitten!he has a thick 8×6.5 cock, and a chill sexy vibe about him. he indicated he wanted to do full work, was bi, but not into labels, and wanted to start by doing a peep video. i kind of gave up on the peep videos because not only was the quality hard to maintain, but models did not have private space, or any means to upload the final video. rylan assured me he had all the equipment and he also had all the technical skills of getting a video to me to edit. he shot this video twice. his first foray had a few clips that hung loosely together. i suggested he add a couple more to make it seem more like story. instead, he scrubbed his first try and shot the one you see here. it is long for a peep, but it is a nice little slice of life video. camera shots all setup and continuity that shows he has some film making skills in his toolbox! anyone…

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Release Year: 2017
Studio: CorbinFisher
Cast: Zane
Genres: Solo
Video language: English

Each member is a work of art, individual as a fingerprint. Each of us also individually approaches masturbation, this is manifested in different hand grabs, pace and masturbation poses. This guy can surprise you if you watch him …

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Studio: chaosmen

Lambert is a lean 19-year-old with a nice thick cock.he has a great smile, is friendly, and is easy to talk with. he likes to hang with friends, and seldom likes to be alone. in order to stave off loneliness, he has become an affable young lad. lambert had kissed and jerked-off with a buddy, so he thought that he might be able to do some gay porn. he is fresh out of school, looking for work, and finding mostly construction type jobs. he thought this would be a lot more fun! as for girls he likes, he was not a picky eater. he was pretty happy with what i had going for him, and was easily aroused with just a little porn to watch. he plays great to the camera, and even talks to you a couple times. it is a fun and frisky solo, and the cum shot looks amazing!

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Studio: chaosmen

Tony is 20 years old and he has a tight muscular body. his initial photos he had whiskers all over his body, and it looked to me like it was a losing battle against a very hairy body. so i asked him to let it grow out. he was not super happy that his abs were not showing as well, but i think the hair grows in such a way that it actually accents his abs.he identifies as straight, and says he has never been with a guy. probably true, but there was some sugar there, and despite watching straight porn the entire time, i wonder if he is on a journey of self-discovery. or who knows? maybe he is just a metro type of guy. but my radar pinged on him. tony has a thick southern accent, which he did not even realize he had, and it is quite charming. he is into fitness, fashion modeling, and is a self-described geek. he gets his cock hard for us in no time, and strokes and waggles it around for us to see. his hairy ass is amazing, and looks primed to have it fucked. he cums easily, not relying on…

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Douglas Amaral e paulistano, tem 26 anos, e do signo de Touro, tem 1,74m de altura e 72kg. Ele adora comer frutos do mar, viajar e se vestir bem. Pra manter o corpo em forma, ele pratica musculacao tres vezes por semana e diz que nao tem tendencia para engordar.

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Studio: chaosmen

Vander puts on another amazing show!members also had a lot of great questions. you really get know a lot more about him. i want to thank the members that show up at a designated time to ask intelligent and respectful questions. a few of the members ask ‘interview’ type questions, so the first half of this video, is much like a documentary style interview.if vander is one of your favs, give this video a view, and you will love him even more!of course, vander is a pro putting on sex show. he rides a giant dildo, cums on it, and eats his load of it!

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Release Year: 2012
Studio: RandyBlue
Cast: Austin Wolf
Genres: Bodybuilders, Freshmen, Masturbation, Solo, Tattoos.

Austin Wolf is one horny New Yorker who loves playing with his hungry hole as much as he loves spurting a load of hot jizz all over his furry chest. We hate Austin Wolf. Well, not really. But when he said he never works his abs and you see how chiseled they are you just cannot help but feel a twinge of jealousy. But that fades quickly when you gaze upon his adorable face, see him slip out of his clothes so you can enjoy his lightly hairy body. This sexy New Yorker is such a horny guy, he loves getting off as much as he can. You can tell by the way he gently twists and pulls his nipples, giving him a rock hard boner. He loves running his hands over his muscular pecs and down to his cock, giving it nice long strokes. Then he flips over and you see his nice firm ass, hole open and inviting. He runs his finger over the opening and before you can even wonder if he will venture inside he slips his finger in and totally gets off on how good it feels. He takes a good long while working his hole, making his need to cum grow stronger and stronger. Finally, he lays down on his back and goes right for home stretch. And Austin does not have an orgasm, the orgasm has him. His whole body tenses and his hand squeezes his cockhead as if to catch the sexual energy and shoot it back up through his body. And the look on his face when he is finished is not so much one of contentment but more of looking for what is next.

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