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Can-Am Productions – Topher Dimaggio Vs. Michael Vineland

How is it possible for Topher DiMaggio to be even hotter than ever before? Every muscular detail of his tanned, toned body seems to be in glorious high-definition. From his lean abs and deep-cut cum gutters, to his impressive thighs and powerful arms, this raven-haired heartthrob is a pleasure to watch, even when he’s just warming up in bright red speedos and boots.

Enter the legendary Michael Vineland, who seems to tower over his shorter opponent. Vineland looks broader, bigger, with stunning, shadow-casting pectorals and that irresistible “fuck you” grin. Hands ready and wrapped in white tape, he glows with health and virility. And he’s ready to fight it out.

“I don’t think I need to warm up for this. You ready? Come on!” dares Vineland, strutting with confidence past our cameras, offering viewers like you a prime shot of his sizable assets, barely contained by those blue speedos.

The beasts circle each other like the animals they are, finally giving over to their animal instincts when they crash together in the first lockup of the night. The sound of hands slapping agains bare chests is hypnotic. Suddenly we are aware of just how big Vineland really is. Were his arms always so well defined? Was he always so sexually daring? The answer is hell yes!

Vineland tosses DiMaggio agains the ropes, cornering him and taking the first coveted opportunity to attack his junk, after first stroking his abs. Soon DiMaggio is suffering in a standing half nelson, which displays the full glory of his deep, sensual armpits and stretches those external obliques.

“Get off me!” DiMaggio cries like a bitch, before Vineland moves the punishment downstairs, and takes another vicious handful of the pretty boy’s package, despite DiMaggio’s fruitless slaps, moans, and gasps of pain. Three time DiMaggio manages to nearly overpower the obviously stronger Vineland…three times he fails, as Vineland uses each opportunity to put the squeeze on once again, sometimes pinioning both of DiMaggio’s arms behind his back with just one hand. Down to his knees the bitchboy falls, as Vineland wrenches both of his muscular, but apparently useless arms behind his back, once again displaying those epic armpits, biceps, and more.

Next, it’s a face full of Vineland’s armpit, as he bends the boy backwards over his knee and clamps his arm over DiMaggio’s face before subjecting him to a finger-licking, in the speedo ball abuse session that includes abdominal abuse, trash taking, and more.

All this, in just the first ten minutes. Foot-twisting leg locks, figure fours, sensual scissor holds, and constant, brutal, unbelievable ball abuse is the order of the day. Perhaps what makes this title especially thrilling is the fact that DiMaggio never just lies there and takes it. He is constantly struggling, flailing, thrusting, and fighting to get the best of Vineland. Even when Vineland humiliates the shit out of DiMaggio by straddling his head and forcing his face directly into his own happily humping balls.

“More like an appetizer than a meal, kid,” laughs Vineland, wiping the sweat from his brow. “Let’s go for round two.”

Will the tables turn for poor, punished Vineland? We won’t tell. All we’ll say is prepare yourself for furious fists, handgags, humiliating facesitting, and a sudden true revelation when the combative action turns completely sensual, with angry fists melting into tender hands that massage pecs and nipples, explore the contents of speedos, and finally unveil the two prizes you’ve been waiting to see. What DiMaggio lacks in height compared to Vineland he more than makes up for in length, as his mammoth meat-cannon is pumped and pampered to the sound of pleasure moans and low, guttural purrs. Reach an explosive, cum-splattering double conclusion in this expertly shot tribute to the power of the mancrotch.

Format: mp4
Duration: 55:49
Video: 848×480, AVC (H.264), 1069kbps
Audio: 126kbps

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Thunders Arena – Ace Hanson vs Uno

Coupla muscle bound hunks flex pose and wrestle. Great bods.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 23:28
Video: 640×360, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 488kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 462.5 MB

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ThundersArena – Eagle vs Blayne

Since arriving at Thunder’s Arena, Blayne has gone through the roster, taking on any and all comers and building a reputation for being one of our scrappiest wrestlers. So when he found out Eagle was coming back, Blayne jumped at the chance to get in the ring with him!

The action starts straight away with Blayne running the ropes, building up momentum to launch at Eagle – but Eagle is in no mood for games as he stops Blayne in his tracks and rock bottoms him to the canvas! Eagle pulls Blayne up by his hair before whipping him into the ropes and meeting him head on with a vicious clothesline! The physique superstar follows up with a camel clutch on Blayne, yanking his head back and forcing him to look up at the ceiling! Eagle flexes as he waits for Blayne to recover, but Blayne has another idea – he rams his forearm up between Eagle’s massive legs for a cheap shot to the balls! As Eagle collapses to the mat, Blayne ties his legs up with a brutal ankle lock! Blayne switches to a mat-based ab stretch, hammering Eagle’s midsection. Knowing he won’t get a submission yet, Blayne releases the hold. The two combatants lock up, with Eagle getting behind and slapping a full nelson on Blayne. Blayne’s lithe body is stretched on full display as Eagle parades him around the ring before ramming him face first into the turnbuckle! Blayne turns away from the corner to save his face, only to be met with shoulder barges to his midsection! The ring quakes from the impact! Eagle whips Blayne hard to the opposite corner, letting fly with a knee lift to the abs! The sadistic superstar drapes Blayne over the bottom rope, pulling up on it to choke him! This is a darker side of Eagle that is rarely seen and Blayne is experiencing it first-hand! Eagle pulls Blayne to the centre of the ring, eager to punish his victim some more!

They lock up again, but this time Blayne goes low, scooping Eagle over his shoulder and slamming him down hard! Blayne slaps on a headlock, but Eagle flips them and reverses for a headlock of his own! Blayne weathers the pain and manages to get Eagle in a leg split, but Eagle uses his big quads to power out! A wrenching arm lock from Eagle nearly dislocates Blayne’s shoulder! Eagle forces Blayne to his knees and slaps on a rear choke! Nowhere near done with Blayne, Eagle clamps on an ankle lock, getting payback for earlier! Blayne keeps taking the punishment and gives back as good as he gets! Slams, chokes, leg locks, arm locks and a bow & arrow. An amazingly brutal Boston Crab has Blayne in agony, which is soon forgotten when Eagle hammers him with a Double Axehandle Off The Ropes!! Eagle just keeps doling out the punishment, but Blayne stubbornly refuses to quit! This is no squash job though as Blayne hands out a beating of his own of his own! Scissors, low blows, clotheslines, facelocks – the action doesn’t let up! Corner splashes, Tree of Woe, torture rack and so much more! The end of the match has to be seen to be believed!

This is a high impact, high intensity match – an incredible combination of wrestling talent and mesmerising in-ring action! This is definitely one of the most hard-hitting and punishing matches we have ever filmed – you won’t want to miss a second!

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:49
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3906kbps
Audio: 105kbps

File size: 612.2 MB

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My Straight Buddy – One Crazy Night

Where to even begin with this one? This is the tape that re-started it all, and the reason My Straight Buddy rose out of the grave. I have a couple of good buddies, Zack and Q, who just fucking love to be naked and drop their drawers every chance they get. It was inevitable that their naked shenanigans would get taped and once that happened it was inevitable that I’d want to share it with you. Once Zack found out he could make money running around naked at my house he hasn’t been able to keep is pants on since, I’m sure the fact that he’s often intoxicated helps.
One night Zack was over at my house, with our mutual friend Caitlin, who at the time was dating Josh (this becomes important later). When we found out our good buddy Q was gonna be coming over, Zack decided to surprise him by popping out wearing a loin cloth and his desert boots from Iraq. He grabbed an old short of mine, and I grabbed my camera. We had a few minutes before Q got there so the first part of the tape is Zack hanging out outdoors on my patio mostly naked in the twilight.

When Q shows up (you can hear his truck coming at least 30 seconds before he arrives) Zack runs into the bathroom and hides so he can pop out when Q walks in–Q is amused but not terribly surprised. He’s holding a butcher knife I left on my table and Zack is wielding a sharp-ended piece of wood from my fence which blew over in a recent wind-storm. I tell them to “Fight! Fight!” and Q says that they totally would if Zack was wearing anything but he’s not, a rule he ends up breaking later on after they’ve both had some more beers. They almost ended up mud wrestling…naked…and I’m pretty sure that something you’ll get to see down the line. They don’t care.

First they end up arm-wrestling for a clip that was originally gonna go on YouTube, Zack in his loincloth, Q in a sort of reek looking thing made out of a piece of old cammies he had in his truck. Zack is a little guy but it’s all muscle, the guy has the body-fat index of a marble statue, and he takes Q down in about 10 seconds.

So they decide to wrestle on the floor, ‘cuz Q used to grapple in high school. Zack on the other had hasn’t taken a shower yet and all he has to do is get Q’s face stuck in his armpit and he’s done. Oh yeah, and you can clearly see the happy face that got drawn on Zack’s ass the night before (actually it’s supposed to be Bart Simpson). Zack quickly pins Q and that’s over.

Then Josh shows up. Now the reason Caitlin was over at my house in the first place was: Josh had taken her car out somewhere and at the time he was the only person on the Planet Earth without a cellphone, so when he shows up she lets into him. True to form though when Josh sees that his friends are running around naked, he wants to be naked, so soon there are three naked guys and one very happy clothed girl in my house. They guys for some reason that made perfect sense at the time started cutting holes in pieces of cardboard that they could stick their dicks through, Zack made one that said “WILL FUCK YOUR WIFE FOR FOOD”. Which is bullshit, because I know for a fact he’d do it for free.

Then the video ends. To be honest Josh and Caitlin started fighting about him taking the car without telling her (turns out he was having a stereo installed for her) and I turned the camera off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:12
Video: 480×360, AVC (H.264), 779kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 200.3 MB

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My Straight Buddy – Wrestling Buddies

Today’s video come from some tapes I thought I had lost, which would have been sad because I think it’s one of the hottest videos I’ve ever taped. You have to watch the preview on this one! There’s over 40 minutes of this naked wildness. They are from the same night as the movie Gangbang Outtakes, but this is what happened after the guys got done fucking the girl.
Trevor, Nick Gunner, and Meatgrinder are all guys that love to be naked and even though she was gone they were in no hurry to put their clothes back on. We had been drinking and you could have cut the testosterone with a knife. Trevor starts off the insanity by shooting one of the leftover condoms at Gunner and Meatgrinder, which starts a free for all. My buddies Killian and Kaneohe, who were in the same platoon as Trevor and Nick, had come over with those guys but hadn’t been part of the gangbang (although I’m sure they woulda liked to be) so they still had there clothes on but that didn’t stop them from getting in on the action. Killian whacked Gunner on the ass with a flyswatter and from there it turned into a crazy naked free-for-all.

Five guys packed into my kitchen…three of them naked in front of their bros from the barracks, who are just as eager to have fun. in fact it looks more like a locker-room than a kitchen, you can just imagine these guys showering after a hard PT and slapping each other with towels and whatnot, but because it’s my house it gets way crazier. Pretty soon they’re wrestling around on the floor. Now I love to watch some wrestling, I think it’s cool when my bros are so comfortable being naked with each other they can roll around on the floor together with their cocks out, but this is even better because there’s 3 of them rolling around together in a pile and they’re doing it in front of their marine buddies who are pretending not to enjoy the show but who nevertheless stay to watch the whole thing. It’s super hot when Kaneohe drips lube on his naked buddies. Now that’s a good friend.

But that’s not all…for the last round Wyatt A.K.A Fuckmaster, who hates wearing clothes more than anyone I know (well except for Trevor maybe, it’s a tie) and was a state championship wrestler in high school, join in. He was in on the fucking but had since put on his pants to go to the store for booze, decided he wanted to be in on this action too. A few months before, Fuckmaster’s dad was in town and they had been talking about his high school wrestling days and I heard about a signature move of his. So you’ll hear Meatgrinder keep asking to see ‘the Move’ and me saying ‘not yet’ because I knew that would end things real quick and I wanted them to keep going. Eventually he uses it on Nick Gunner though and boom it’s done. It’s so fast though everyone wants to see a step-by-step breakdown. BTW, if you want to watch these guys actually fucking the girl, head over to SemperFcuk to watch these guys in action.

Format: mp4
Duration: 47:20
Video: 960×540, AVC (H.264), 1950kbps
Audio: 99kbps

File size: 712.6 MB

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My Straight Buddy – Rick & Brennan Naked Wrestling

This was actually the first video I shot with Nick and Brennan, but because I was so eager to show you the wrestling videos it got out of order. Nick and Brennan stopped by after duty because neither of them wanted to go home just yet because they were both have trouble getting their women to understand that sometimes a guy just needs to jerk off to some porn. Girls just don’t get that for some reason—but I sure do.
Nick actually started this video off by picking up my camera, which I was slacking on. As you can tell by now Nick loves the camera—he just likes the attention, I think—but once it was one I wasn’t about to turn it off because you can vcut the horniness in the air with a knife. Both Nick and Brennan have been weightlifting a lot recently and I think it’s jacked their testosterone levels because it’s not but a few minutes of looking at a porn mag that Brennan is rock hard.

Nick suggests that Brennan should try Nick’s favorite toy, the fleshjack, and Brennan agrees that it’s pretty awesome. However in the end it just makes him want to fuck the fake pussy, which Nick didn’t even realize he wanted to fuck until Brennan said so. Nick has to hold back and watch as Brennan smoothly pumps the plastic ass like a Cassanova, and then sprays cum in front of a mirror before getting in the shower, where ever the good bro, Nick is waiting with a drink.

Format: mp4
Duration: 45:51
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1990kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 743.1 MB

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My Straight Buddy – The Brodeo, Part 2

So after Brodeo Pt 1, George, Brian and I went to a baseball game and had more than a few $12 beers (for those of you who are interested, it was a Diamondbacks/Padres game and the Diamonbacks took it). Afterwrads, we stumbled back to the hotel room and pretty soon these two were as naked as they wanted to be, which was pretty damn naked.
On the way down to San Diego George had played two new songs in the car that quickly got stuck in all our heads, we had been talking about them at the game and so of course once they had their drinks well in hand the MacBook came out and we YouTubed those songs:

Format: mp4
Duration: 46:03
Video: 480×270, AVC (H.264), 790kbps
Audio: 61kbps

File size: 303.9 MB

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BG East Wrestling – Braden Charron vs Tyrell Tomsen

Bodybuilding is a sport, it has a season: regionals in spring, nationals in summer; fall is for resting and recuperating before bulking up in winter to begin again. Tyrell apparently missed that memo: it’s December and he’s jacked! Chiseled slabs tense and ripple in high relief as he flexes in a self-indulgent display that will thrill muscle marks and even entrances the cameraman, who can’t tear himself away as The Arena door opens and Tyrell’s opponent enters. “A posing session? I thought this was wrestling.” It’s a case of role reversal: fan favorite Braden’s used to being the eye candy in the ring. He hasn’t amassed the best record since he joined BGE, but knowing that it’s his handsome face and pumped bod that puts asses in the proverbial seats even when he’s taking a massive beating has been an addicting ego-boost that keeps him coming back for more. Barefoot and bulging in a barely-there blue bikini, it’s obvious he intended to outshine his opponent in the way that matters most to so many, but Tyrell’s physique intimidates.

Taking sly advantage, Tyrell challenges the hunk to an arm wrestling match. Braden’s bicep bulges; Tyrell’s veins pop. Big guns lock in what seems to be an even match. Braden’s gorilla pressed multiple opponents in his career as proof of his power, but he’s in over his head, literally: Tyrell is four inches taller and won’t be denied. Humbled, already hurting, Braden blows it off . And when increasingly cocky Tyrell raises the stakes, challenging him to a ring match with the caveat, “If I win, I take your trunks,” Braden’s not about to fall for what’s obviously a set up designed to leave him bruised, broken and bare-assed to boot. He turns to leave, not caring if rejecting a direct challenge costs him a paycheck or even his BGE career. But Tyrell has plans of his own: a soaring axe-handle to the back brings Braden’s attempted exit to an abrupt end. And when Tyrell tosses him in the ring and lays into him with boot after boot, Braden’s in for the fight of his life with his pride on the line.

Quivering and crawling, Braden’s barefoot vulnerability emphasizes why he’s a target for an onslaught of hard-asses and wannabe heels of every stripe, size and shape. “Get up!” Tyrell barks, hungry to dish out more. His once unblemished back already red with welts from the rough rubber of Tyrell’s boots, Braden doesn’t dare disobey. A back bashing on the turnbuckles and a slingshot across the ring for a double-handed sledghammer to the chest are undeniably debilitating. Tyrell happily takes advantage, deliberately muscling Braden around the ring and targeting his big chest with repeated claws. But when Tyrell gets dirty, suddenly slapping a heavy-handed clawhold on Braden’s balls, it backfires big time. Braden retaliates with a low blow of his own that has the over-confident heel writhing on the mat! Scoop slams are always effective, but Tyrell’s bruised orbs bumping Braden’s biceps amplify the impact. A torture rack adds to the back abuse, and Tyrell’s emphatic “I quit!” pushes Braden into rare aggression as he takes Tyrell’s trunks, leaving the bigger man nearly naked in a yellow thong. “Looks like you’re going to owe me another pair,” Braden promises, his pride restored before dishing out a retaliatory series of stomps. As Tyrell grovels on the mat after one of Braden’s patented bearhugs, his bronzed glutes solid and round, his barely-contained basket heavy and swaying between his muscular thighs, it’s almost possible to forget that he’s the guy who set the whole match in motion with that long ago attack from behind. Another bearhug and it’s gut check time: Tyrell nearly fades, but a hard knee to the balls is a game changer. And when Tyrell retaliates with running banzai drops, jumping and landing on that big chest butt-first until Braden moans “Oh God! ” in ragged gasps, his game plan is back on track. A crucifix hangman leaves Braden drained and limp. Tyrell claims his prize, pawing at Braden’s posers while he screams, “No, no, no!” Braden’s nude adventures outside of BGE are well documented, but they’ve always been on his terms. Being forcibly rip ‘n stripped head-to-toe naked is different matter, especially when Tyrell sheds his own trunks to pose naked save over Braden’s face. But Tyrell’s not done yet. He’s figured out Heel Rule Number One: If you want to be a BGE star, there’s no faster way to the top than humiliating a fan favorite! And Braden’s naked body is his ticket. Swinging full nelsons, bodyblows, ab stretches and claws end in an extended KO. Braden will never be the same.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:27
Video: 720×540, MP4V, 1708kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 409.9 MB

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WrestleHard – Gayfriend or Girlfriend (Jonathan Collins v Giuseppe Pardi)

Superhot Adonis Giuseppe is talking with Roland in front of the Studio. Muscleman Jonathan arrives and Roland introduces them to each other. Giuseppe, upon knowing that he’s a gay porn star, starts to laugh at him because he’s gay.. Jonathan becomes very offended and starts to fight with the straight Adonis right on the street! Roland tries to stop them, but both are crazy mad and they don’t listen to the boss. The much bigger Jonathan pushes his straight opponent to the ring.

Crazy wrestling session starts where gay wrestler Jonathan shows he’s much tougher than the straight Adonis. To make Giuseppe mad he’s doing lots of ass slapping, face licking, ball twisting and verbal humiliation which makes our Adonis even more mad. Jonathan tells him he will be his new straight girlfriend very soon.

With strength and skill on his side, Jonathan pulls down Giuseppe’s speedo and spanks and fingers the humiliated Adonis while he lays on the barell, calling him a pussy. Long nipple torture and ball tortute follows then Jonathan orders the straight punk how to deepthroat his cock. It seems the younger Adonis doesn’t like that too much, but when Jonathan starts to suck his cock, he becomes hard as a rock! Jonathan starts to laugh and tells him his dick is hard so he’s probably gay, not straight. The bodybuilder then finishes the super hot action by fucking the tight ass of the “straight” Adonis in several very intense and painful positions. At the end, the young Adonis is feeling grateful while his new gay friend cums on him. Indeed, he realizes that he just became the new “girlfriend”…

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:18
Video: 720×576, MP4V, 1172kbps
Audio: 92kbps

File size: 272.3 MB

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UCWrestling – Crazy Kevin CK vs James

A squash match between Crazy Kevin and James ‘The never give-up kid’

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 55:13
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 757kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 361.6 MB

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