Muscle Domination Wrestling – S10E04 – Back Busters 2

Braden Charron is back in the MDW ring, perfecting his posing routine until Joey Carter hops in the ring with a confident smile. “Are you really going to interrupt my posing routine?” Braden sighs, knowing where thing are going with the slim rookie. Braden makes a move to grab Joey but the rookie has a speed advantage and manages to exploit it and get behind the big man. Braden, a savvy veteran, knows how best to nullify speed; he delivers several mighty forearms to the back of Carter before scoop slamming him into the mat. Joey, no longer smiling, clasps his lower back and Braden has his target.
“I’m gonna take care of that speed right now” Charron says with self satisfaction as he stomps away at the thighs and lower back of Carter. Braden hoists the rookie into a very tight bearhug, hiking Joey’s Calvin Klein’s way up his sweet ass. The bodybuilder growls and demands to know if Carter gives. “You gonna give? huh speedy” Braden howls at Carter before throwing him to the ring floor.
Braden, using Joey as a weight, curls him high and then snaps him hard in an over the knee back breaker, where he bends him deep over his knee. For a moment, he reminds Carter that he does not discriminate against the back or the front and applies a brutal pec claw, something all rookies must learn to handle. Throwing him into corners and stepping over the beaten up Carter, Braden turns up the heat with more back breaking submission holds! He goes from another long, lung crushing bearhug to the match’s first camel clutch, where he proudly flexes his bicep in Joey’s face, telling him, “kiss it!” When Carter is slow to respond Braden slams down all his weight into Joey’s back before hoisting him up again into the painful submission hold. “Come on I know you wanna give, how can you be standing it? you must like it rough, Braden sounds off like a badass.
After stretching Carter’s back in the unrelenting ropes, Braden delivers another devastating over the knee and then locks on his famous Boston Crab; he pumps his arms up even more while demanding that Joey give. Holding out on admitting defeat, Carter bites his tongue and absorbs an even bigger beating to his back and everywhere else, as more bearhugs, nelsons, otk’s, crabs, and even a vicious torture rack await the already crushed and squashed rookie twink.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S10E03 – Zzzzzz 3

Master Kevin is a man who takes what he wants. He is 100% alpha and utterly unconcerned with what anyone else thinks or feels. Utterly arrogant from a lifetime of everything he touches turning to gold and a getting his way, he no longer measures humans by anything other than what they can do for him. His satisfaction and pleasure are the only things relevant in the entire world, turning any person he sets his piercing gaze on into submissive putty he can use in even the most humiliating ways.

He has been quick to drain people for all they are worth to ensure everything from his taste buds to greedy str8 bulge gets exactly what they desire. People who have barely offended him, not known him, or even been respectful to his authority have been thrown down by his thick arms, choked in his peaked biceps, scissored in his tree trunk legs, or crushed against his hairy chest while being psychologically broken down. This is the every day reality of his existence.

But what Kevin is not used to is someone standing up to him and his unchecked cockiness- and not backing down when he asserts his alpha male dominance. And today that is just what happened when Damien Rush got to the high end luxury Jacuzzi suite he’d rented out and had been looking forward to all week only to find the Master getting ready to take a dip on his dime. Attempting to play it cool he offered to share, only for the thickly bearded Kevin to unflinchingly reply “you’re leaving” as he pointed to the door.

But now Damien had reached his limit- Having been demeaned in the past by the tyrannical hunk and seeing abuse after abuse of his power- He knew he had to stand his ground or forever accept himself as a beta to be walked over as Kevin pleased. And so Damien stripped down to a tight singlet and prepared to defend his manhood with his brawn.

But there was something Damien had not accounted for. Muscle Master Kevin was beefed up thirty pounds since the last time the two had met. His testosterone levels at an all time high, as evidenced by his thick, dark beard and body hair. Such surging masculinity was clearly craving combat.

Instantly Damien was struck by a merciless fist, only to be repeatedly smashed against the solid wood walls. Dazed, Damien could barely make sense of what Kevin was orchestrating as he wrestled him closer and closer to the hot waters of the Jacuzzi. It was only when at last the hands around his throat drove his head into the water and the sharp agony of chlorine shooting up his nostrils hit him that he fully grasped how far Kevin was willing to go.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S10E02 – Hairy He-Men 2

Jobber Chace LaChance is a smooth well tempered bodybuilder, who frequently gets punished by nastier hairy heels. Well now Chace realizes the magic of the natural, unshaven body and notices how much better he looks with his muscles covered in rugged fur. Feeling the strength and confidence of a new man, a much manlier man, LaChance replies to a call out from hung twink extraordinaire, Tony Law. With immediacy, Chace pans to his chest and then Law’s “Look at this hair. That is what takes to be a man! You got a little pussy fuzz going on.” Tony, initiates a contest of strength in an attempt to heal his wounded pride, but the contest is cut short by a cheap shot from Chace. Again, Tony tries for a fair lock-up and Chace, embracing his darker side, cheap shots Law for a second time before breaking Tony’s back into an arm and leg surfboard submission.

Riding his newly aggressive tactics to gain a solid upper hand, Chace quickens his pace with ruthless stomps to Tony’s abs, back and legs; LaChance slaps on a leg-scissors hold that has tony feeling a wave of regret in a his choice of a hairy chested opponent. “This is what a real man looks like” Chace asserts again as he cranks a full nelson and swings Law around and throws him to the ground. The heel looking Lachance admires himself, flexing his muscles, showing off the hair, while tony struggles to find his footing. When Law gets to his feet, Chace, in true heel fashion applies an armlock with a little help from the ropes, before heading back to his first stage of attack, the back assault. He applies two more painful crab variations, reaping the benefits by posing over a flattened Tony, while pinning him down underneath his foot.

A few sleeper holds serve to soften Tony up even further, so Chace can sink in an energy sapping bearhug, Chace smugly states “What’re you gonna do, you’re too weak. Don’t fight it” as he wraps the blond twink up in the ropes for more punishment. Chace uses tony to show off many facets of a menacing heel, by assuming a methodical pace and implementing a mean focus on applying the most effective squeezing and stretching holds to punish Law over and over again. Chace LaChance is a new, sexier man, a methodical machine of destruction and a cocky force to be reckoned with. His dissection of Tony puts the whole MDW roster on notice, showing that he can be every bit as lethal as he is muscle hunk.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S10E01 – Bodybuilder Humiliation 2

Jock bodybuilders think they are the shit. Brad Barnes, the cocky muscle bound stud is used to getting respect. He expects an extra dose of respect and worship when he strips down to his tight purple wrestling trunks, as he shows off the whole package with a front double bi. “The champ is here” Barnes proudly proclaims, moments before he bears witness to his opponent.
Marching his way down to the ring is the bane of bodybuilders, the man who humiliated Braden Charron, the 400 pound Mountain. The big behemoth questions whether pretty boy Brad even knows how to wrestle. “Do you know how to lock up?” the savvy fat man baits the ego driven Barnes. Brad charges in and is repelled by the massive monster and tossed onto his perfectly sculpted ass. “Oh what’s up! You’re so big and bad?” the Mountain taunts.
Brad finds the power to break Mountain’s side-headlock but is shoulder driven to the mat for his efforts. Before Brad can makes sense of the overwhelming force the Mountain can generate, he is propelled off the ropes and scoop slammed in the center of the ring with authority. Brad clutches his back in agony, looking upward, stunned and fearful; the Mountain stomps Brad’s handsome face with disdain. “What are you gonna do now tough guy?!” Mountain shouts, with his massive meaty arm firmly wrapped around Brad’s neck. With his ego on the line, Brad finds the will to work his way out of the headlock with strong elbows to the Mountain’s midesection, however he makes a mistake trying to send Mountain into the ropes, as Brad is reversed by the overpowering monster heel and met with a boot to the face, that puts the once arrogant jock on the back of his neck.
“You must work out huh? You think your stronger than ME? The Mountain walks around stomping and intimidating Barnes; Brad does not even have the fortitude to defend his muscles as he is pulled into a massive leg scissors that threatens to crush the ripped jock clean in half. “Your so cool with your abs!” the Mountain barks, lifting his enormous leg up and smashing it down across Brad’s hard abs. “You’re not in my league” Mountain boasts before hitting a powerslam on the bodybuilder Barnes.
The Mountain makes a clear distinction between pain and humiliation. When he wants to be imposing and vicious he uses headlocks bodyslams, sleepers and scissors. But because being dominant is not enough to teach the jock bodybuilder a lesson in humility, the Mountain insists on applying some more sinister tactics to couple with his bodybuilder beatdown. He yanks Brad’s trunks high up his ass and asks “You gonna cry for mama? does mama wear purple underwear like you?” Barnes can only struggle fruitlessly while moaning in distress. The only action the Mountain breaks his smiles and taunting for is to bite down into the thickly muscle arm of Barnes! The wedgies continue until Brad’s trunks become a thong; Mountain uses the thong to yank Brad to his feet every time he wants to punish him more. “I’m just the better man! And you ain’t nothing!” the Mountain asserts, as he grabs Brad’s arm and prepares some muscle by muscle destruction….

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S09E06 – Leg Abuse

Meet mouth watering hunk Sandeus, perfectly muscled and as mascuiline as a man can get, tall, handsome, powerful and mean. He is ready to kick the shit out of the his first MDW opponent and make a statement that Sandeus is here to be top dog. His opposition comes in the form of the blond twink, Ryan Adams, dressed in baby face blue. Adams is also eager to prove himself but is caught off guard by the instantaneous power and aggression of bearded he-man Sandeus, who throws him to the ground and begins to stomp Ryan’s legs mercilessly. Within minutes, Adams becomes very vocal, screaming in pain; Sandeus is silent, focused, and ruthless.

As things get to the mat, at the behest of forceful plummeting Sandeus slams, the laser like focus of the masculine dominator manifests and takes center stage. Sandeus is a thirsty warrior that loves to inflict pain, but he is much more than that, zoning in on Ryan’s legs without cessation. When Sandeus applies a leg lock, the rugged man is not satisfied until he uses the power of both his arms and legs to twist the joints of a moaning Adams to the most painful positions. Sandeus has no problem using one arm to detain Ryan’s legs while using the other to throw strikes. With every bend and subsequent scream from Ryan, Sandeus awakens more of his animalistic side; he is extremely pleased to have shed his work suit and abandon the laws of the outside world, realizing MDW is his new hardcore home. The appetite for Sad more vicious quality of his animalistic nature, as he sends viciously hard kicks crashing into Ryan’s legs.

There is a palpable fear that thickens in the air; just looking at Ryan’s face, you know he is totally intimidated by Sandeus, especially as focus flexing begins on the part of the latter. Not only is the barbaric heel, focused and efficient in the ring, he also manages to maintain an unbelievable focus on himself and his muscles as he flexes them over his fallen prey. Entranced with himself, Sandeus displays the signs of a true narcissist forgetting his opponent was even there in lapses of self worship, that is, until the persistent moaning of pain inflicted rousts Sandeus to his senses, and has him picking up where he left off, bringing the hurt to Ryan’s legs.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S09E05 – Six Pack Bash 3

Darius is fucking ripped and totally shredded. Those mounds of muscle leave no room for an ounce of bodyfat. His six pack is built like solid brick, every single fiber and detail show as Darius flexes his rock hard abs.
Chace LaChance has also been pumping his guns, he is looking thick and freaky. LaChance confronts a flexing Darius in the ring. “You need to iron anything, bring it right over here” Darius cockily proclaims, flexing his rock hard abs in Chace’s direction.

“Flex those abs for me” Chace practically whispers, before laying a full throttle forearm, smack into Darius’s granite six pack. “Let’s see those abs, show me those abs!” LaChance seeths, clearly having taken offense at Darius’s ego. The black muscle god is no slouch though and immeadiately proves that it will take a protracted ab beatdown to make him submit; as his abs take blows he finds openings to punch Chace’s own rock hard midesection.

LaChance grapples his way into top position, pinning Darius arms to his sides using his massive legs, and starts to pound away with a flurry of hard body shots. The thud of each strike from Chace’s powerful arms striking the ripped muscular abs of Darius is thunderous. Every muscle is defined and straining, with the veins on both men bulging out of their impossibly ripped bodies, as they grapple for position. Chace starts showing more and more aggression as he sits the black bodybuilder in between his powerful thighs and squeezes the leg scissors hold while continuing to rain down abdominal punches. “How those abs now?!” he provokes.

“Is that all you got” retorts Darius; Chace is ready to show he has a lot more to bring, mounting Darius and continuing the ab beatdown. Using pure strength Darius is able to power Chace intot the bottom position and impose six pack punishment of his own. This proves to only infuriate LaChance, who thrusts Darius off and throws straight punches to the muscled ab wall that take the breath out of the muscle god. These shots get harder and harder as the match matures. Both men are intense and looking for the win. Chace is looking every bit the dominant heel and refuses to be shown up by a muscled jobber. Darius, who always puts up an impassioned fight, manages to fire of some offensive abs shots, claws and leg scissors of his own, but it is Chace LaChance who takes control and unleashes unforgiving shots to the midsection. Chace wears down Darius with intense muscular grappling and pins his tremendous arms down time and again to open up total ab abuse all over Mr. Black Muscles. From start to finish Chace drives up the intensity and drags Darius into the light where he gets his abs beaten until finally, every punishing ab blow produces submission.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S09E04 – Oil Hunks 2

Men are split in two factions: the guys with the muscle body and the guys that want to get their hands all over that muscle. Hunter James is the type that loves being in the ring with a big bodybuilder; he signs himself up for private wrestling matches with men he knows he could never beat, because he wants to have all that muscle power spilling over him. Lucky for him Braden Charron, a beautiful bodybuilder nearly twice the weight of James, has agreed to wrestle him and show him some moves. At least that is what Braden has told James. Charron has other ideas though as he understands the disposition of Hunter, the male admirer; he sees a perfect oppurtunity to take the day off and get his muscles oiled up, rubbed down and worshipped.

Braden is already getting his pump on with weights and pushups when Hunter arrives for their match. The bodybuilder can hardly hide his self contentment as he questions James about the item he asked him to bring “I see you forgot the one thing I asked you to bring” he says lightheartedly. The offense is not a disruption to Charron’s plans however, as he produces an oil bottle of his own; clearly the muscle man was in no way going to let anything ruin his planned worship session.

Braden puts Hunter to work, telling him he would show him a few moves but that James is to get on his knees and start rubbing the oil in. James happily indulges in the request and starts obediently worshipping all that muscle. When the massage drifts towards Braden’s covered cock, he realizes that James will not be able to get to worship properly with his trunks on and he orders the gay muscle fan boy to take them off so they will not get any oil on them. Hunter finds himself in a nude camel clutch, hardly knowing what to do with himself being mounted by a fully nude muscle god who could take him from behind at any moment.

Braden takes his time showing James some moves but uses most of his session as the full body worship that every bodybuilder deserves. Both James and Charron make sure that every inch of bare skin is covered with oil and worshipped properly throughout, until the only question that remains is who enjoys the naked muscle exhibition experience more.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S09E03 – Bodybuilder Humiliation 1

When a bodybuilder steps into a room, they command respect; the bulging muscle exudes an aura of invincibility and makes them seem more god than man. As such, a big man like Braden Charron expects and demands recognition as prime grade a beef sitting atop the food chain; he is the predator and everyone else the prey.

Although Braden has let men get the better of him before, much to his chagrin, he realizes that it always took dirty heel tactics to take him off his feet. The thought of an opponent overpowering his massive muscles is a remote fantasy. Charron knows no one can beat him in a fair match where strength and power are concerned. Even as he gets a look at the man he has been matched up with, there is not a moment of hesitation, nor inkling of doubt that his muscle strength will be able to combat the massive 400+ pound size of the Mountain. “I’m a bodybuilder and a powerlifter” Braden boasts, with a cocky smile on his face.
The Mountain scoffs at Charron’s posing routine. “You think you’re some big man, huh?” he challenges. With both men’s unbudging confidence, there remains one way to settle the matter of who is stronger between the fat monstrosity in a xxxl singlet, and the sculpted Braden, who shows nearly everything off, barefoot in his posing trunks. They meet in the center of the ring, combining for a 650 pound lockup. It is immediately evident that the gargantuan Mountain is genuinely twice the size of Braden; this is something the likes of which the beautiful boddybuilder has never encountered. The muscle man quickly begins to realize that this is an entirely different type of strength, that mass might be stronger than muscle. The Mountain effortlessly tosses Braden aside like limp meat with each lock up. Charron is shocked. In a bold attempt to regain some face the formerly mighty muscle man offers a good old fashioned test of strength, a mercy lockup. Once again the behemoth’s power proves to be more weight than Charron can curl as he starts screaming in shock and pain.

Braden experiences a complete rupturing of all alpha male standards. All the hard work, hours in the gym, tanning, shaving, posing practice and countless other details that stack up to create the perfect man are thrown in Braden’s face as suddenly unimportant. Sure, next to his grotesque opponent, Charron looks the litmus for physical perfection, but none of that matters in the ring, his ideals and good looks are not going to win him the match, and nothing can buy back his dignity. Braden should be able to say and do whatever he wants to his unshapely opponent, those are the rules by which he has lived his life, the same rules that govern all of society and now they are shattered.

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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S09E01 – Super Men Season 2 Episode 4

The epic 40 minute finale is here.
Supremacist has annihilated every superhero on the planet. Every Superhero but one. Aqua Bryce, armed with the one Achilles heel of the most powerful being on the planet makes a final stand. But when a spandex clad Super Stud makes a surprise return, will Supremacists desperation turn into defeat?

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Duration: 40:29
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Muscle Domination Wrestling – S09E02 – Back Buster

Tony Law has heard the rumors that Brad Barnes may have jumped the fence and become a heel by beating the life out of Enrique. Law, feeling abandoned in the pool of jobberdom wants to show everyone that Brad Barnes is no better than him, just a lot more muscular. He calls up Brad and issues the challenge. The newly much cockier and confident Barnes accepts, knowing that anyone can beat Tony and especially himself. Barnes has a tall task however, which is trying to make a statement by beating Law, something that so many other wrestlers have managed to do in emphatic fashion. He decides that beating Law and looking remarkable while doing it is going to require a plan of ultimate submission.

As Law steps foot into the ring, Barnes immediately blind sides him, sending his forearm right into the painted target, Tony’s back. Brad has heard Law yelling cries of submission before, saying “I don’t bend that way!” Well Brad is set on making Law bend whichever way he sees fit, wrapping his massive arms around the lean twink, starting to work the lower back as he hoists the blond jobber onto his shoulder, driving tons of pressure into the spine. Tony finds himself gasping for air as his oxygen supply is cut off by the tight grip of Barnes, who relents on squeezing to deliver a back drop suplex, before applying a scissor hold across Tony’s back, with his impressively thick quads.

“See this gun?” Brad taunts as he squeezes harder. Tony foolishly reaches for the ropes but Brad is quick to chastise him, “There are no ropes in my ring” Brad grabs hold of the ropes that he revoked for Law’s usage and gathers extra leverage on his leg scissors, showing the ripped twink what a real man uses ropes for. Brad loves to show his power and delivers a spinebuster that has Law reeling. Not letting up for even a moment, Barnes scoops Law up to his feet by the hair and whips him into a corner, where he drives forceful shoulders to Law’s six pack, further taking the wind out of the jobber. “And now, this corner!” Barnes send Law fully across the ring, his back smashing the turnbuckles without a moment’s repsite as Brad comes charging in with a spear, drilling Tony’s back further into the post, before Brad hoists him out and crushes him with another debilitating spine buster. Tony pants for breath grabbing his destroyed back and wondering when the beating will end. Brad Barnes is just getting started though, forcing the twink into a back breaking camel clutch, “How’s that back feel now!” he snaps, treating Tony’s body as his play thing.

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