Staxus – Miro Benks, Drago Lembeck & Robin Liu

It’s difficult to guess who had the greater sense of sexual anticipation at the start of this classic threesome from legendary director, Vlado Iresch. Miro Benks, the young blond masseur, suddenly presented with the opportunity to give hunky Drago Lambeck a real hard rub-down after his swim? Lambeck, who gets the massage? Or Robin Liu, who starts the scene on the sidelines, perhaps hoping to feel Benks’ hands on his tired, rippled muscles?

The sad fact is we’ll never know. What we do know, however, is that all three of these young fellows are very quickly in the mood for something much more intense than a simple back-rub. As a result, it’s no time at all before the masseur’s hands have found their way inside Lambeck’s trunks – at which point Liu promptly crosses the room and joins the other two fellows for a fabulous ménage-a-trois! Of course, it’s pretty obvious from the start as to which of these three fellows is going to be getting hard dick up his ass; and having witnessed all of the guys taking it in turns to slurp on each other’s cocks, we’re soon treated to the glorious sight of Benks being bundled over the massage couch so that the two horny tops can pummel his arse and mouth in equal measure.

All this in itself is surely more than enough to get you creaming big-time; but just in case it’s not enough, we are then treated to Lambeck spunking up the blond boy’s ass and Liu spurting all over his face. All of which is nicely topped off by seeing Benks getting his arse energetically fingered to the point of him jerking out his own creamy wad!

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Staxus – Mike Fosset & Martin Cross

Hallowe’en’s meant to be a scary time, of course, and maybe it would be a little disconcerting to wake up to find someone sucking your cock – as happens here when young Martin Cross gains consciousness to discover that his buddy, Mike Fosset, is taking fully advantage of him at his most vulnerable. Nevertheless, it’s clearly not a turn of events that bothers the horned-up young fellow too much, given that he’s soon responding in kind – taking Fosset’s handsome ramrod in his mouth and gorging on every inch of man-meat that the fellow has to offer! Indeed, it’s rather questionable as to which of these sexy buddies boasts the biggest appetite for dick, given the manner with which they’re soon 69-ing each other like a couple of whores.

Not that you’d expect anything less from a couple of lads who’ve made the grade in a Staxus movie, of course; although in the end it’s Cross who’s parting his legs, taking every inch of Fosset’s nicely curved shaft up his ass. It’s actually only at this point that matters take on a slightly kinky nature, with Fosset sucking on Cross’ feet as he pounds his buddy’s arse; which in turn sets the scene for the curly-haired bottom’s climax a few minutes later.

First, however, Fosset takes the opportunity to unload a very heavy wad of jizz all over Cross’ well-worked pucker; before the action signs off with Fosset using his feet to wank the bottom to a very sticky crescendo. It’s not your usual final moments of a performance, that’s for sure; but if you’ve got a fetish for feet then believe when we tell you that this is one scene you won’t ever forget!

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Staxus – Milan Breeze & Alex Friezer

We clearly have no wish to detract from this fabulous classic scene, but there’s no denying the fact that we can’t help feeling just that little bit disappointed that it represents the only time that the gorgeous Alex Frezier ever appeared in front of the Staxus cameras. With his dark, handsome looks and his toned physique, we’ve absolutely no doubt that he’d have been a top-notch favourite – but some things, as they say, are just not meant to be. Milan Breeze, in total contrast, was unquestionably one of our more prolific performers during the mid 2000s – a young little cock-whore, who could always rely on to put on a class show each and every time. As indeed proves to be the case here in this shower-room duo.

Indeed, if Frezier was in need of any inspiration of how to perform in front of the camera, he’d most definitely got the right partner here – Breeze quickly tempting the stud out of his swimming trunks so that he can slurp on the big, fat cock inside, before presenting Frezier with one of the hottest, horniest man-holes in the biz to do with as he pleases!

You don’t need a degree to guess that the hot stud takes full advantage of his blond buddy’s generosity by rewarding him with surely one of the hottest fucks of his life – Frezier’s balls quite literally gaily slapping against Breeze’s rump like Newton’s Cradle! Indeed, this surely has to be one of the hottest locker-room couplings of its ilk; made all the hotter by the magnificent wad of jizz that Frezier spews over his pal’s rear, before Breeze fires all cylinders over the stud’s tongue and face. A definite ball-buster!

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Staxus – Leo Ocean & Joel Vargas

A fabulously skinny young twink like Leo Ocean clearly has his work cut out to get all muscled up, but his personal trainer, new boy Joel Vargas, has plenty of ideas of how to bulk his body in the gym. Some are pretty conventional – like lifting weights, for example. But Vargas is obviously a man who thinks outside the box, and whipping his cock out of his shorts he decides to give the young lad a very different kind of workout. As a result, Ocean is soon exercising his lips in his now all-too-familiar fashion, working up and down the full length of Vargas’s rod and getting quite a boner of his own in the process.

That said, his trainer is clearly a top in every sense; and the only thing he seems to care about at this point is how he’s gonna get his own thick, meaty, uncut shaft deep inside the young pup’s ass-hole. An objective that he achieves with arguably unsurprising ease; first spanking Ocean’s arse a few times, then very proudly sinking his swollen shaft right into the boy’s hungry rear. It’s a swift move in every sense, and you’d be forgiven for expecting Ocean to gasp and squeal in response.

Not this little whore, though! Why, his well-worn pucker just seems to open up like a flower, allowing Vargas to thrash away balls-deep in a few seconds flat. The result is a stupendous, no-holds-barred assault that sees our favourite fuck-boy getting pummelled in a whole series of positions; before nature’s urges get the better of him and he squirts a fine wad over his belly. A truly breathtaking show, topped off by him getting a well-deserved gooey facial!

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Staxus – Four Horny Dudes Take The Drive Of Their Lives For Hard Cock! Part 2

Having avoided being pulled over by the traffic cops – and geez, how the fuck would these boys have talked their way out of that one?! – and having promptly ensconced themselves on a conveniently placed outdoor sofa at their Spanish villa, Ray Mannix, Xavier Sibley, Kris Blent and Ruben Bart continue their über hyped-up antics like a pack of sexed-starved dingos! Indeed, you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that these lads hadn’t seen cock in six months or more given the manner with which they greedily feast on all the rampant male flesh that’s now on offer.

In reality, of course, these boys are by their very nature totally obsessed with sex; so seeing Mannix and Bart 69-ing like whores, whilst Blent pushes his way between Sibley’s thighs and feverishly gobbles dick, really shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. Nor will it seem too amazing that it’s no time at all before the action turns even more hardcore, with first fingers and then cocks probing the gaping ass-holes that are quickly presenting themselves. Blent, in particular, can’t wait to give Sibley’s ramrod a real hard ride; whilst Mannix and Bart take it in turns to penetrate each other.

In the end it’s actually only Sibley who remains an out-and-out top; but given the level of activity on display here we suspect that only the most hardened of porn-fanatics will ever notice! Suffice it to say that most viewers will simply be bowled over by the frenetic performance of all four buddies, topped off by the sight of spunk being splattered in all directions! In short, an absolute classic in every single sense!

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Staxus – Joshua Levy and Tony Conrad

Everyone knows that medical students are experts at the human anatomy, but Tony Conrad and Joshua Levy clearly take that knowledge to another level – at least if this horny little escapade is anything to go by! Work’s over, but neither of these boys appears in any hurry to head home. Instead, their studies of all things anatomical continue with a passionate smooch on the sofa; before both fellows begin to strip away their clothes, exposing their fine, handsome bodies in the process.

It’s at this point, of course, that you might be thinking that their antics should be curtailed for fear of one of their work-colleagues interrupting them – but by now both buddies are way too horned-up to fret about anything like that. Instead, young Conrad is making a beeline for Levy’s straining shaft – pulling it out of the lad’s pants and promptly feasting on every inch of aching flesh! Then again, of course, given the gorgeous nature of the dick in question can anyone blame him?

What the boy really wants, however, is to get that cock up his ass – an ambition that he achieves with almost remarkable ease. For having taken a few moments to rim his mate’s hungry little hole, Levy is soon thrusting forwards into Conrad’s guts – signalling the start of a terrific set-piece that sees the horny little bottom pounded in a variety of positions. It’s no real wonder that the lad is soon spraying a generous wad of pent-up jizz all over his belly as a result; before Levy pulls out to jerk off his own heavy spray in return. No question about it, these are the kind of trainee-doctors we’d all love to visit!

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Staxus – Jace Reed & Tony Conrad

Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! New boy, Tony Conrad, dreams of making it big in the world of gay porn – and he really couldn’t have asked for a bigger or better introduction than here, when he quite literally comes face-to-face with Jace Reed’s oversized mamba! In fairness, there are guys aplenty who would claim to be able to handle such material, only to balk at the final hurdle – but not this young cock-whore! No, he’s down on Reed at the first opportunity – slurping over every handsome inch, and very obviously loving the experience.

It’s an impressive opening gambit; and one that clearly pleases Reed, whose cock seems even bigger than usual, if that’s actually possible! By this point, of course, most viewers will probably be wondering whether Conrad’s appetite for Reed’s dick will transfer quite as easily to his ass-hole; but first the two fellows take time out to 69 each other, before Reed’s attention inevitably turns to his newfound play-buddy’s pucker, which he rims and fingers in anticipation of the hardcore wrecking to come. To the big boy’s credit, Reed eases Conrad in nice and gently at first – working his crown in, but little more.

We all know, however, that that’s unlikely to satisfy a guy of Reed’s credentials; so it comes as no surprise that he’s soon adopting a variety of positions in a bid to get more of his dick inside. He doesn’t fully succeed, however, until Conrad adopts a reverse-cowboy – at which point Reed is quite literally balls-deep and banging the jizz out of the slut, before creaming Conrad’s arse in return just a few seconds later!

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Staxus – Hunky Black Gardener Gives Blond Lad A Big-Dicked Skewering

There’s no denying the fact that young Ray Mannix has a thing for hunky black gardener, Hector Agusti – any opportunity and he’s out admiring the fellow, wishing (no doubt) that the guy would reciprocate his admiration. In the end the boy simply has to make it fucking obvious that he needs a dose of big-dicked affection, sitting down on the edge of a lounger and promptly unburdening the stud of his clothes! If that message doesn’t get through then what the fuck will?

Fortunately for the blond haired beauty, Agusti realises what the boy wants almost at once and is soon allowing Mannix to slurp like a bitch on his big black mamba. Not that the pretty little honky is ever going to be satisfied with a mere taste of the gardener’s hoe, of course. We all know this Czech boy way better than that by now, after all. But before he finally enjoys getting skewered by that mammoth schlong, the scene is set for a magnificent 69-ing session that sees Mannix eagerly rimming that pert black arse whilst Agusti fingers and licks the white boy’s pucker in return.

Only when the black god finally thinks this horny little hole is ready does he finally put the lad to the oversized sword; impaling the full length of hard, uncut flesh deep inside Mannix’s guts and stretching the fellow’s boy-cunt to buggery in the process. Suffice it to say that the boy from Prague will surely never be the same again as all his over-sized cock-dreams cum true at once; culminating in him blasting a tsunami of jizz mid-fuck, before taking a face-load of black seed in return. No fuckin’ wonder he looks so happy!

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Duration: 21:31
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5848kbps
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Staxus – Gabriel Angel and Hector Agusti

Warning! Fans of black flesh will be in chronic danger of hyperventilation during the opening moments of this fabulous set-piece – thanks to a decision by the director, John Smith, to feature sex-god, Hector Agusti, in a sensuous poolside romp. Armed with a small bottle of massage oil and his very big dick, the dark warrior quite literally puts all his competitors to shame – proving in the process that he could easily carry any scene just on his own.

Contrary to what you may conclude from these initial images of the fellow rubbing himself up in every way possible, however, this is not a solo. Instead, the action soon transfers to a nearby villa, where Agusti is now entertaining horny French cutie, Gabriel Angel. Needless to report, the black stud’s idea of playing host to a twink does not in any way involve plying the lad with refreshments or romancing him with music! Not that a cock-crazed beauty like Angel would be in any way interested in that sort of thing anyway! Indeed, the young French boy is soon diving down onto the stud’s crotch – pulling that thick, black mamba from the fellow’s briefs and making love to it with his mouth like it was his raison d’etre.

To his credit, the Dutch master gives a rigorous blowout in return; but it’s always going to be the pale-skinned beauty’s fuck-hole that takes the ultimate hit, and it comes as no surprise when Agusti first rims and then bangs Angel’s pucker. It’s a move that obviously pleasures the twink no end – rupturing his cum-sac in the process, before taking a face-load of hot jizz courtesy of the black guy’s erupting shaft!

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Duration: 23:25
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3894kbps
Audio: 122kbps

File size: 689.9 MB

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Staxus – Dominik Trojan and George Basten

It’s not difficult to understand how Dominik Trojan established himself as one of the must-have stars of European gay porn in the mid-2000s. With his almost flawless looks and a toothy smile that could quite literally melt even the most hardened of hearts, this young fellow only had to stand in front of a camera to get legions of gay fans creaming themselves into ecstasy. On this particular occasion, however, director Vlado Iresch decided to turn the tables a little bit, pushing Procci into the role of a cameraman and introducing him to the parallel talents of George Basten – already a major star under the Staxus label.

The result, not surprisingly, is porn gold; with Trojan quickly abandoning his camera once the model-shoot is complete so that he can unleash Basten’s handsome ramrod from the confines of his swimming trunks! It’s an admittedly daring turn on Trojan’s part, but it soon pays dividends – Basten immediately returns the favour, and before you know it they’re 69-ing away like a couple of cock-crazed whores. Then again, of course, “cock-crazed whores” pretty much sums up both these divine beauties – both of whom had pretty much fucked their way through the entire Czech gay porn model catalogue by this point in their careers!

Suffice it to say that it’s no time at all before Basten is ploughing the full length of his dick into Trojan’s hairless pucker; signalling the start of a truly terrific pairing, which only concludes when Procci almost ruptures his balls mid-fuck and Basten calls it a wrap by jerking off the contents of his nads over his mate’s cute face!

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