Colt Studio Group – Embrace Scene 3 (Connor Maguire, Armond Rizzo)

It’s Scene 3 from the feature Embrace, and thick redheaded muscle-pup Connor Maguire is paired up with his slender Latino playmate Armond Rizzo. One area where these guys are evenly matched is in-between their legs, and in their man-sized hunger for each other. Outdoors on a wicker lounge chair, Connor kicks back as Armond uses both hands and his deep throat to satisfy Connor’s oversized cock. Climbing up, Armond brings his uncut monster to Connor’s face for a hearty feeding. Slurping and sucking each other’s massive dicks in the hot sun works these guys into a state of animal lust. With his boy on his back, Connor drills his thick tool deep, giving Armond an ass-splitting fuck. Taking advantage of his light weight and flexibility, Armond climbs all over Connor, riding his fat cock and taking him to the hilt. Connor thrusts and gives a hard pounding until Armond is gushing a river of cum from his thick swollen dick. Drained, Armond lays back and takes Connors load as Connor jacks a thick hot stream on Armond’s pretty face.

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Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: Miami

Collin O’Neal does it again. I want to be in his world of men!!

Opens with Nick in the ocean. As he comes out of the waves, Collin comes onto the beach and follows Nick back to his towel. Collin lays out his towel and lies next to Nick as he stares and strokes his cock. He takes off his shirt and Nick gets up to help with the sunscreen. Once he’s oiled up they retreat back to the hotel where they make their way out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean. They embrace and kiss. Soon Collin is showing us Nick’s tan line as he pulls off Nick’s shorts and begins to rim his ass. The two move the action to the couch and Nick sits back and enjoys and expert blowjob from Collin. Collin takes Nick’s cock deep down his throat. Nick returns the favor and Collin gets into fucking that hot mouth. Nick positions himself on the couch on all fours and Collin guides his big dick into that sweet hole. The camera crew does a great job throughout the movie as they capture many great views of this hot action. In this scene you will enjoy the slow sensual fuck Collin gives to Nick as you watch Collin’s thick cock slide in and out of Nick’s tight ass. They change positions and Nick sits on top of Collin’s pole. Nick rides that cock from the top to the bottom. Nick fucks himself on Collin’s dick and causes himself to shoot a load on Collin’s chest. Collin stands up and sprays his load all over Nick’s body. The two kiss at the end.

In the shower we find Pedro and Daniel making out. Daniel goes down on Pedro’s cock and shows us his expert skills in deep throating. Pedro takes his turn on his knees. He too knows how to work over a beautiful cock with his mouth. These two are hot together. They both shower and help to soap each other’s cocks. Then they go down on each other again. As they are making out, in walks Andre (for some reason he wasn’t mentioned in the opening credits.) He joins the two muscle studs in the shower and finds his place in between the two. They give him some special attention as they rim his ass in preparation for fucking. Andre sucks both cocks as the two studs make out. Then they are ready to use Andre from both ends as Daniel fucks him and Pedro works his cock in and out of Andre’s mouth. In the end, Andre is on his back on the counter getting drilled by Daniel until all three are shooting their loads all over Andre. Pedro unleashes his cum first as he fires off several streams across Andre’s body. Daniel pulls out and at the same time, Andre and Daniel shoot their loads all over Andre’s stomach.

Collin is back out scoping the beach. He ends up in front of the hotel and Alex comes running by. They catch each other’s eyes and Collin follows Alex up to his room. Once inside Collin exposes Alex’s long hard dick. Collin gives a spectacular blowjob as he takes the entire length of Alex’s uncut monster down his throat. Alex goes down on Collin too. Collin loves fucking a hot mouth and he rides Alex’s face. The action heats up as Alex sits back on the couch and Collin goes to work sucking and licking Alex’s cock, balls, and ass. Collin prepares that ass for his big cock as he tongue bathes Alex’s tight hole. Collin is definitely a lover as he takes his time and pays close attention to his partner. Never does it get boring with Collin, as his lovemaking is sensual and erotic. Next, Collin rides Alex doggy style and then has Alex sit on top of his dick. Alex bounces up and down hard as he bottoms out on Collin’s nice piece of meat. Collin flips Alex over onto his back and pounds away. Collin shoots first as he pulls out and showers his cum all over Alex. Alex jerks his cock and adds his load to Collins.

Brian strips down and enters the shower. He showers for us. He soaps up his muscular body and pays extra attention to his big cock, getting it nice and hard for us. Eli is watching from around the corner and begins to play with his cock. Brian notices and soon Eli is on his knees and has his lips wrapped around that huge black cock. The two move to the bedroom where they embrace and make out. They play with each other’s cocks. Brian flips Eli onto his stomach and plays with his ass. He opens those round cheeks up and rims Eli’s tight hole. Next Brian climbs up over Eli’s head and Eli rims Brian from below. Brian gets back into position and fucks Eli as he’s lying on his stomach. Brian flips Eli over so he can look at him while he fucks him. Then Eli gets to sit on top of that huge pole. Eli manages to take that cock all the way to Brian’s balls. Eli rides Brian’s fuck stick hard and fast. The two go back to kissing and they end the scene by shooting their loads all over Eli’s body as he lies on the bed.

Mason is out on the dock sweeping when CJ and Roman pull up in a boat and whisk him away for a hot three way. Who wouldn’t get in the boat with these two hot muscular studs? As they enjoy the ride out to sea, the three of them make out on the bow of the boat. Once they are alone out in the ocean they strip down and begin to orally service one another. CJ and Roman trade blowjobs and they begin to show us just how incredibly sexy they are. These two together are on fire. The passion between these two beautiful men is wonderful. (I wish we had seen more of these two throughout the movie! Don’t get me wrong; all the guys in this movie are hot. It’s just these two could have had their own movie.) Mason joins in as they suck each other’s cocks and balls in the back of the boat. They move the action down into the cabin and the suckfest continues. They change positions and partners as their bodies are entwined in this hot three way. While they are down below the fucking begins. Roman rides on top of Mason’s cock as CJ plays with Mason’s balls. Mason’s cock gets worked over by Roman’s ass. Next CJ mounts Roman’s ass from behind. They eventually end up outside again as the fucking continues. Mason sits on top of CJ’s big dick and his hole is stretched as that cock slides in and out. CJ and Mason end up riding Roman’s ass again doggy style in the back of the boat. Mason rides him hard and pulls out to deliver his seed on Roman’s ass. CJ jerks his cock to orgasm as he shoots his thick load all over Roman’s hairy chest. Roman finishes himself off and unloads onto the deck of the boat. This scene was hot! What a great way to end a terrific movie with hot guys and hot sex!! Collin O’Neal outdoes himself once again!

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Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: Best of Collin In The USA

Collin has hand picked some of his favorite scenes from his travels to the US.
You’ll certainly blow your load as you watch sweet, tender bubble butts being invaded by the thickest cocks!

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Duration: 1:22:34
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Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: Edinburgh

For those of Collin’s fans that get off on ass play, this one is a keeper. Shot in Josue’s apartment while he was taking a nap, Collin shows up for an afternoon fuck. Josue, who at first is a bit groggy, happily complies. Collin is feeling extra horny and so indulges in a long session of ass play.
Collin takes his time admiring Josue’s huge perfect ass, slapping it, and licking from his hole up through his crack and back down again. He fingers Josue’s ass making sure that it is ready for what is about to come. Collin then dives in and begins to pound his afternoon fuck buddy senseless. After a long session of intense ass fucking, Collin delivers his famous cum shot, shooting over the length of Josue’s body and hitting him on the chin from a distance of nearly three feet!

Two barmen wrap up a shift in one of Edinburgh’s hottest clubs, and while cleaning off the bar before calling it a night decide to take the evening in a different direction. Blond wonder boy Forneus is a tall, super lean, hairless muscle kid that has a perfectly round hard ass and can take a long hard pounding like few can. Fernando is a beefy Latin stud with a huge, thick uncut cock, pierced nipples and smooth dark skin. Before Forneus can even get his clothes off, Fernando grabs his blond head and f orces his’ mouth down on his dick.

Forneus starts to work Fernando’s thick shaft and then begins to suck Fernando’s huge balls and finger his nipple rings at the same time. Fernando knows what a boy likes and feeds Forneus his foreskin, pulling it up and away from his head to let his muscle bound sex slave lick inside and all around his juicy mushroom head. After a hot round of oral action and some serious ass eating, Fernando proceeds to plow into his willing bottom with a f orce and strength that few others can deliver. Forneus loves it and gladly strokes his rock hard dick the entire time but is careful not to cum until his man has had his share.

After a lengthy fucking, Forneus can no longer hold back and drops his load as Forneus keeps plowing him from behind. Forneus then kneels down to service his stud that begins to jerk his thick rod until he lets go and drenches Forneus with a huge load all the way down the side of his face. This is a monumental fuck fest that will go down as one of the year’s hottest scenes.

Swarthy macho man Marco enters a dark bar during closing hours and finds beefy Josue with his ass spilling out of his jeans, hunched down in front of an out of order ATM machine trying to fix it. Instead of offering a helping hand, Marco reaches down and grabs Josue’s crotch from behind, lifting him up, and spinning him around. The two, realizing that no one else is around, quickly begin to kiss and disrobe. These two surly men fuck like men were meant to fuck. Big beefy, olive skinned Josue and tight Marco with his hairy chest and low hanging monster sized balls show each other a good time from the very beginning. Watch Marco’s huge, oversized balls whack up against Josue’s chin and you will know what it is like to be a dude’s bitch.

After these two explore each other’s sweaty bodies, and swap sloppy blow jobs, Marco delves into Josue’s perfectly rounded ass and begins to loosen him up for the raunchy bar top fucking that follows. Marco takes Josue as his own, fucking him from behind as Josue squirms in pain but doesn’t pull back… Marco then turns him around while both are on top of the bar and Josue quickly finds a light rack above the counter to hang on to for support while Marco unmercifully slams him from behind, his huge balls slapping up against Josue’s own swelling crotch. After getting it from behind, Marco lays Josue on his back and fucks him some more. Josue busts his nut all over his stomach then Marco pulls out and with sweat dripping down his face and chest, and drops his load all over Josue as they both pant for breath after their exhausting sweat drenched man romp.

Spanish boy-stud Ryan Garcia pushes the fair skinned athlete, Jasper Emerald into a dingy underground passageway where the two immediately start to have at it. After a healthy round of suck face, Ryan takes a look at Jasper’s thick white dick, kneels down on the dirty floor and begins to service him, taking his thick tool all the way to the base, and licking his big round white balls. Jasper then has a go at Ryan’s huge Spanish dick. Ryan Garcia is a real tiger and likes a good sucking off. He grabs Jasper’s head and begins to f orce feed the boy the length of his huge cock. Thrusting it deep into his throat while Ryan’s big balls slap up against Jasper’s chin.

After Ryan is sufficiently happy with Jasper’s servicing, Ryan stands Jasper up, turns him over, grabs his smooth, milky white ass cheeks, spreads them open and dives in, teasing Jasper’s pink hole with his tongue. Ryan then stands up, grabs his huge Spanish cock and sticks it in Jasper’s smooth, tight hole and begins to plow him from behind. After that, Ryan sits down on the grungy floor, Jasper straddles Ryan’s dick, grabs it at the base and sits down on top of it until it slides up deep into his ass. Ryan then starts to power-fuck his bottom until poor Jasper no longer can hold back and dumps a huge load all over the basement floor. Ryan then stands up and feeds Jasper his thick cock – exploding all over Jasper’s waiting face.

Collin’s ability to get hot models for his movies is only surpassed by his ability to fuck like a bull. This scene illustrates both of these talents with the slick muscle bound athlete Forneus whose ass was built to fuck. Collin finds Forneus cleaning up at a local bar and decides to make a move on him. Collin pulls up Forneus’ shirt and admires his tight hairless body then Forneus does the same to Collin admiring his thick hairy chest. Forneus finally pulls down Collin’s pants to find a huge hard on awaiting his lips and throat. Collin sees Forneus’ beautiful ass as he is bobbing on his shaft and decides to pull Forneus over to a bench to lick and slap his perfectly shaped butt.

Collin then can’t stand to just lick anymore and shoves his rock hard cock into Forneus’ tight blond hole. Watch how Forneus’ ass gives and pulls as Collin slams his huge dick deep down inside his willing ass. Then Collin and Forneus decide to be real naughty and go for it on top of the pool table. Forneus takes Collin’s dick from behind, but not for long, as he gets so excited he cums all over the pool table. Collin pulls out of Forneus’ tight ass and shoots over his head and onto the floor, with a few shots landing on Forneus’ perfectly sculpted back; the rest drips onto the pool table.

Collin is busy working in his office and waiting for his assistant who is late to work. When he finally gets there, Collin decides that it is time to teach the young extra hung boy a lesson about punctuality. Fred Colcci has a tight young body, a great face and a thick dick that gets harder and swells bigger the more he gets fucked. Watch how Collin preps Fred’s perfectly round bubble butt by giving Fred a serious ass eating. But the real action in this scene comes with the fucking. Fred’s beautiful ass takes in all of Collin’s cock. Just as slowly, Collin works his huge dick in, fucking him from behind as Fred is bent over the desk.

Collin quickly picks up the pace grinding all the time faster and sliding his dick all the way out and back down deep into Fred’s smooth hole, as Fred’s cock swells, gets rock hard and flops up and down while he gets power fucked by the porn star. Collin flips his assistant over the desk, and starts to fuck again until Fred explodes all over his stomach. Collin then delivers his jet stream like load that shoots over Fred’s entire torso all the way up to his neck and then cleans his dick off on Fred’s huge, round balls.

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Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: East Berlin

Bijan follows Amir into a cold, abandoned basement in an East Berlin public housing complex. When they finally find a tucked away corner, Amir cuts to the chase, turns Bijan around, pulls his pants down to his knees, and shows him his true love of ass. With Bijan bent over, holding himself up with his thick, hairy thighs, Amir begins to worship his buddy’s tight, hairy, brown hole. Spreading Bijan’s cheeks open, Amir studies his ass, slapping it, spitting on it and sucking it into his mouth. After Amir has his fill of ass play, he stands, turns Bijan around on his knees and begins to feed his friend the length of his meaty tool. Still craving ass, Amir bends Bijan over and begins to slowly work his huge raging hard-on into Bijan’s tight but willing hole.

Watch as Bijan’s ass expands and contracts as Amir’s gigantic cock works him over. If you love real men indulging in heavy assplay and intense close-up fucking, you need to add this to your list of favorite fuck sessions.

Watch blond, smooth skinned, German muscle bottom Marcus Muller and the tall, hairy chested, bearded, chiseled Marcos Melo go at it in a sex dungeon in grimy East Berlin. Marcos’ cock is a site to behold. Its thick, veiny shaft ends in an oversized mushroom, meaty head. From the beginning it is apparent that the seemingly innocent pale skinned German boy is no stranger to huge cocks and expertly works its length and girth into his mouth, teasing Marco’s outsized head with his tongue, slurping at the tip and swallowing down to its thick base, nestling his nose into Marcos’ dark, pubes.

But the real action in this darkly erotic scene is in the fucking. Marcus has clearly had his share of practice as he gladly takes Marcos’ huge cock from behind, standing up, and then in a sling. Marcos’ strong, dark, muscled love shows him no mercy as he shoves his tool all the way in, grinds deep up into Marcus’ creamy white ass, pulls it all the way out and slams it back in again. Listen to the German groan as his dark tall stud cock teases and pounds his tight blond hole.

Robert Brankov shows us just how well a boy can take a huge cock and love every minute of relentless pounding. You will instantly recognize in Robert the signs of a true, unrepentant, cock hungry bottom. Watch as he eagerly spreads his ass open, proudly displaying his tight, pink, perfectly smooth hole. Patrick, his companion in this East Berlin fling, is a tall, dark, blue eyed, Middle Eastern implant that seems to have found the land of Milk and Honey in Robert’s fat, rock hard, uncut cock and huge, round ass that can take and take and take… from above, and behind, and harder and faster, never getting enough, grinding, gasping asking for more. Robert is a star performer, a bottom that begs for a huge hard ass slamming each and every time. He gets what he wants, and you will love to see these two studs please each other as only two men can, until the very, cum soaked end.

Bijan, the tight, young Turkish bottom who lives in Berlin seems to have picked the right place to live given his love of huge, thick dicked muscle daddy tops. It appears that Bijan has spent the night at Axel’s apartment. When the two wake up, Axel heads to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and Bijan follows him in with something different on his mind. This scene shows once again how a boy’s tight little hole can get stretched and worked with reckless abandon. Axel Ryder is a daddy lover’s dream. Huge cocked, thick chested, muscle bound and bald, Axel feeds little Bijan his thick cock.

Teasing him with his mushroom head he then turns little Bijan around and begins to loosen his tight hairy hole, spitting, licking, and working Bijan loose to make sure that he is ready for what is about to come. Watch Bijan’s hole take the length and width of Axel’s thick tool as his face grimaces, his voice groans and his hole twitches to the merciless grind of Axel’s f orceful hip thrusting power fuck.

The sexual heat in this scene will keep you coming back to witness this highly charged sexual adventure time after time. Mack Manus is a true East German stud, and in this scene with the young, dark, smooth and toned Matteo, you will experience what all of us dream about: Hot, relentless, ass pounding, man on man fucking.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:55:03
Video: 480×360, Windows Media Video 9, 1250kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

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College Dudes – Adam Bryant Fucks Dylan Drive

What better way to get warmed up for a good fuck than with a massage? Adam Bryant is one lucky dude, not only is he about to bury his cock in Dylan Drive’s tight ass, but he gets his toned torso oiled up and worked over by his bottom! Dylan grinds his package on Adam’s as he massages him, and it’s enough to get Adam hard before his dick is even out!

Dylan releases Adam’s cock from his boxers and takes it in his mouth, licking that thick, throbbing shaft and stroking it with his hand, driving Adam crazy with each stroke of his lips across his dick. When Adam is ready, Dylan bends over and sticks his ass in the air, letting Adam admire it for a while, fingering his hole a little and warm it up for his dick.

But a little bit of spit and fingering isn’t enough to prepare Dylan for the wrath of Adam’s big prick, and he gasps as Adam slides his full length into Dylan’s ass. Adam fucks him hard, barely giving him time to adjust to his size before he’s pounding him, then lets Dylan on top to ride and grind on his delicious dick. When Dylan lies on his back and lets Adam take him, he starts jerking his dick until he cums, followed by Adam who finishes with a hot cumshot!

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:07
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2426kbps
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File size: 457.1 MB

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College boys fucking on cam

two college guys are on cam and it starts off slow but they talk dirty, and then start sucking each other off, rimming and they do fuck for a couple of minutes at the end, and then the video stops unfortunately. but they are really cute and have awesome bodies and show them off.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:18:21
Video: 480×400, FLV1, 1129kbps
Audio: 17kbps

File size: 672.3 MB

Download College boys fucking on cam

Colby Knox – Rose Buds and Suds (Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox bareback)

ColbyKnox present Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox in hot scene update “Rose Buds and Suds”.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:48
Video: 1072×608, AVC (H.264), 2685kbps
Audio: 143kbps

File size: 452.4 MB

Download Colby Knox – Rose Buds and Suds (Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox bareback)

College Dudes – Danny Moore Fucks Braxton Smith

Danny Moore and Braxton Smith must’ve been saving up their cum for this scene because these two guys are horny as fuck! They make out, pushing against each other hard as they drop their clothes as fast as they can, and once those dicks are free Danny and Braxton grab for the goods! They rub their cocks together until Danny can’t wait any longer to get a taste of Braxton and he goes down on him, deepthroating Braxton’s fat cock and working that long shaft with his mouth as Braxton moans on the bed.

All that cock-sucking is making Danny’s prick drip and it’s Braxton’s pleasure to lick it up and give him some amazing oral, not afraid to get messy as he drools and spits on Danny’s dick. But foreplay isn’t enough to satisfy these sexy boys, and Braxton preps his ass for Danny’s big dick as he straddles him and sits on Danny’s cock, letting it slide up his ass slowly.

When his entrance is stretched to Danny’s size, he bounces on that hard dick, fast and hard until Danny switches it up and takes him from another position. Danny buries himself in Braxton’s hole until he makes him squirt all over, and Braxton plays with Danny’s thighs and balls until he ends this sexy scene with one powerful cumshot!

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:36
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2420kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 446.3 MB

Download College Dudes – Danny Moore Fucks Braxton Smith

College Dudes – Alex Greene & Davey Anthony

Alex Greene and Davey Anthony, a match made in heaven, these two boys are horny and hot and ready to fuck, and that’s exactly what they do! Of course, you can’t start without some kissing, making out as their dicks grow harder in their pants until Alex works his way down to Davey’s cock and gets a mouthful of that delicious prick. Davey watches as Alex sucks on his meat, enjoying every second of oral pleasure…until Alex wants some head in return, and Davey tries his hardest to conquer that massive dick, sucking on his balls and licking the shaft as he lets Alex fuck his face.

But Alex has some more singular cravings, and he tells Davey to bend over so that he can get his fill of ass, burying his face between Davey’s cheeks as he gives him a rimjob and gets that hole ready for his fat cock. But nothing can prepare Davey for that huge prick, and as it slowly penetrates him, he lets out a moan as his ass stretches to accommodate Alex’s big cock. Alex pounds him hard, barely giving him time to warm up to his dick before he’s fucking him, balls deep, then lets Davey ride that prick for a bit before he takes back control and makes Davey bust a nut. Alex climbs on top of him and strokes one out right onto Davey’s pretty little face.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:18
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2450kbps
Audio: 153kbps

File size: 426.7 MB

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