Randy Blue – Gage Wilson & Reese Rideout

Gage Wilson gives his first on screen blowjob to the sexy Reese Rideout and Reese is more than happy to reciprocate. The intensity of this video is unreal.

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Randy Blue – Eddie Diaz & Reese Rideout

What could be more steamy than a hot, sweaty workout with a couple of sexy hunks? How about if those sexy hunks were Eddie Diaz and Reese Rideout. Those of you who are avid Randy Blue Live watchers will remember that Eddie was the first model to break in our gym, with the accent on ‘break’ since the lights kept going out! He was so hot that night despite all the crazy tech problems going on that it made me wonder how wild it would be to see him getting it on right there on the weight bench. Eddie is a total sex pig, and I mean that with the utmost respect. He’s very much in touch with his sexuality, loves sex and makes no bones about it. While I was looking for a nice new lube bottle for him to get hard with, he just laughed, spit in his hand and went to town. He doesn’t just jack off, he loves every inch of his body, running his skilled hands all over his smooth skin. I could get a hard on just listening to him speak. He’s a dirty talker and all the hyper-sexual comments that come out of that mouth of his perfectly compliment the show he gives you as he works his body. I thought it would make for a really great show to pair him up with someone he really liked, so when I asked him who he wanted to work with he got this devilish grin on his face and said that he had always wanted to do Reese. I put them together in our gym and was so glad we had rubber mats put on the floor because with all the electricity between them I would have worried the carpet was going to catch fire. Reese is looking better than ever and had so much fun with Eddie. Those two gave new meaning to the word ‘workout’. And when they came, it was incredible. Once again, I’m glad we got those rubber mats on the floor.

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Randy Blue – Kody, Reese and Cole – A Three Way

Seriously, I can’t believe it happened. Kody asked me what would happen if he tried it and I just remember telling him I wasn’t sure but try it and lets see how it turns out. Of course I am talking about Reese’s first kiss with a guy. It was obvious the moment they met Kody was way into Reese and he had asked what would Reese do if he leaned and kissed him. No kidding, I was not sure how it would play out or if Reese would get mad. After all his teasing he has yet to let a guy deep kiss him on the mouth. I knew this three way would be hot. I put two of my biggest alpha males together and knew if they paired up with Cole Ryan it would be hot. You met Cole last week in his debut and damn I got so many emails. I knew having him play bottom to my two most popular tops would be one hot scene and I was right. What I didn’t expect though was to have Kody kiss Reese on the mouth and then have Reese reciprocate. These two were lip locked allot during the hot fucking scenes and you can see them both get into it. Don’t feel to sorry for Cole, he was very happy being in the middle of these two. Cole sucked and got fucked and in the end had a magnificent cum shot. These three together were seriously one of the hottest three ways I have ever filmed. Three great bodies getting into some really straight three way action! enjoy!

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Randy Blue – Reese Rideout, Chris Rockway, Mitch Branson

OK, What can I say…I have a coaches fetish. This is my little dream sequence of going back home and visiting my old high school coach. This video stars Reese, Chris and Mitchel as the coach who’s body is as hot as it can be! Get ready, the coach is about to make you work out!

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Randy Blue – Cody, Reese & Xander

What do you get when you put three Randy Blue favorites in one video? You get one hot video that will be sure to drain every drop of cum you can possibly produce. First you have Reese Rideout, who’s just as hot as can be. His muscular body shows off his dedication to rigorous gym workouts. The perfect balance of lean athleticism and passionate bodybuilding. Then we have Xander Scott, who’s physical robustness is second only to his angelic face. At one moment incredibly sexy, another he’s making you laugh your ass off. His hijinks on the set and his playful moods lighten everyone’s spirits. And last, but definitely not least, we have Cody Fallon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This guy exudes pure sex. He walks into a room and people immediately sport hardons. Even the women! Yes, he’s that sexy. A video with any two of these guys would be a guaranteed winner but put the three of them together and it’s unreal. Xander and Reese have worked together before so I knew they would be perfect together but I was surprised that Cody hasn’t worked with either one of them up until now. He loved playing piggy in the middle with Xander ramming him hard as he chows down on Reese’s thick member. And as if that wasn’t enough, you have to see to believe Reese sitting behind Xander smacking his ass and pushing his hips, causing him to give Cody the fucking of his life. And a 69 where Xander fucks Cody as he sucks off Reese? Talk about agility! And I’ll warn you now, if you’re home alone and have thick walls, turn it up, otherwise watch it on mute. These guys are having a blast and believe me, they not only show you but their moaning and heavy breathing, not to mention a healthy dose of dirty talk, is so hot you could get off on it even without the video. But who am I kidding, you won’t want to miss a second of these hot guys getting it on. And when the cum starts flowing it doesn’t stop until all three of them are exhausted and spent.

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Randy Blue – Bryce Barrington & Reese Rideout

“Reese Rideout can’t get a moment’s rest. If he’s not doing a photo shoot for another magazine, he’s off doing personal appearances as Men’s Magazine Man of the Year. But even with his busy schedule he always makes time to make a super hot video for you guys. He’s in perfect shape, adorable as always and his award winning personality shines through no matter if he’s strutting his stuff on stage or fucking a hot ass in a video. And with his amazing body and gorgeous cock it’s no wonder he’s been getting so much praise lately.

One of our newest guys who’s been proving to be an exceptional talent is Bryce Barrington. His videos with Leo and Braden were some of the hottest and he’s aching to do more. I knew that putting him with Reese would give you guys the kind of video you’d have to put into your favorites the minute it was finished. Well, after you clean yourself up first. The two of them had an amazing chemistry together and it really shows. Bryce loves sucking cock and takes Reese’s humongous rod all the way down his open throat. Bryce gives it his full attention, making Reese so horny that he can’t wait to ram it up his hungry hole. And while he starts off by sliding it gently in, after a little while he’s ramming that man ass for all it’s worth.

And Bryce can’t get enough of it. In fact, he’s so into his ass that he’s not even concerned with his cock. And that’s just as well because Reese pounds him in a bunch of different positions, the last of which is any ravenous bottom boy’s dream, face down over the side of the bed letting Reese shove every last inch of his huge cock deep inside, open access. And Bryce won’t even think about getting off until Reese shoots a huge sticky load all over his back. Once he’s sure Reese is satisfied he lets himself go and shoots his own load all over that muscular chest of his.”

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Randy Blue – Reese Rideout, Braden Charron

Braden has an amazing body and who best to appreciate all that hard work then Reese. The guys truly got along well and the sex is really, really great! This is pure muscle on muscle….Enjoy!

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Duration: 26:17
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Randy Blue – Braden Charron fucks Reese Rideout

How long have you waited to see this? Reese is giving up that big, beefy, bubble butt and Braden is the lucky top! This was Reese’s first time to bottom and Braden’s first time to fuck a guy. If you know Reese, and I know you do, he was not going to lye there all boring and passive. This is one hot video!

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Duration: 28:58
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Randy Blue – Braden & Brodie Sinclair & Reese

When I shot the last Reese and Braden video I knew I wanted both of them back again. Normally I like to mix up the pairs a lot but Braden and Reese have such good chemistry that I didn’t want to fuck with a good …

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Release Year: 2014
Studio: Coat Company
Cast: Yuito, Shuhei
Genres: Asian, Anal/Oral Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Handjob, Masturbation, Rimming, Solo, Tееns

1. 緊張の初撮影!ズル剥けエロ巨根を初披露!オナニーの快感に天を仰いで「イクっ!イクっ!」
2. 女本番で ッ気全開セックス!乳首、チンコ、そして玉ウラまで舐められ快感に自然と腰が動いちゃう!次から次へと体位を変え、ブットい上反り巨根を丸見えズボズボ挿入!何度もイキそうに!
3. 怒涛の魔の責めに敏感エロ反応!太陽の下、電マ初の♂フェラで何度もイキそうに!さらにオナホ責めで連続寸止め地獄!ガマンの限界!一週間分の精子をブッ放す!
4. 初タチに挑戦!初フェラに顔を歪ませるリアルノンケ反応!嫌がりながらもケツ穴の快楽にガン勃ちまくり!「ヤバイ、変な感じになってきた…」 どんどん激しくなる巨根ピストン!
5. 覚悟の初穴貫通で周平20才が激タチ!初69でチンコを咥えながらもビンビンの結人!周平、処女ケツの締まりに思わずガン掘り!悶えながらも刺激されて反り上がるエロ巨根…結人掘られイキ!
豪華デジタル写真集…イメージカットから、激エロなプレイカット、ヤンチャ可愛い までたっぷり60収録!

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:03:48
Video: 640×360, MP4V, 2322kbps
Audio: 107kbps

File size: 2.2 GB